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Nestled in the foothills of the Spine of the World east of Aquor, the Wending Weald is said to be blessed by both Eldath and Shaundakul. Only those with peace in their hearts are able to traverse the secret route that leads into the Wending Weald; many an ambitious adventurer and avaricious merchant have sought to explore the Weald for their own selfish desires but none have found success.

The path to the Weald opens only to those who know where to look. A waterfall bars the way; those with malevolent intent find themselves drenched and turned around, unable to pass the rushing waters. The cascade parts only for those who know respect for the Green Goddess and the Rider on the Wind. Indeed, shrines to both Eldath and Shaundakul are tended with care within.

For many years, the Weald was hidden from the realms at large and it was not until recently that evidence of its existence was identified once more. As those attuned to nature led their friends and allies to its shelter, the area has become alive with activity once more. A veteran ranger by the name of Gareth Stridelong led an effort to establish an outpost with the aid of a small group of close allies. As a result, the Weald has become a safe waypoint for any wandering the wilderness who enter with peaceful intent.


The origins of the Wending Weald have been lost to history but one legend speaks of a white stag fleeing a pack of werewolves. For nearly a fortnight, the creatures pursued the stag through the woods. While the stag evaded the werewolves' every attempt at capture, the werewolves never lost the scent. Knowing that it could not elude the werewolves forever, the white stag resigned itself to its fate and chose to pause at a nearby waterfall and pool to take its last drink of water. It was there that Eldath parted the waters of the cascade and led the stag through to the safety of the Weald. The werewolves tried to follow, but no matter how hard they tried to push their way through, always they found themselves doused in the waterfall's pristine torrents. Their dogged determination saw two of the pack drown in the waters before they finally gave up.

The white stag is said to have been named the Weald's steward from that point forward. Rumors suggest the creature carried Shaundakul himself to the Weald, who then led his faithful rangers to find shelter and rest within.

This legend has changed with time and alternate versions of the tale suggest the stag was not a stag at all, but a druid of Eldath seeking shelter from pursuing Malarites. This story suggests that when his lover found his slain form within the forest, she descended into a mad pursuit for vengeance, butchering his murderers in a bloody frenzy. By the time she was done, she had become no better than those who had slain her beloved. When at last her thoughts turned to honoring her paramour, she found that she could no longer retrace the route to his body. Eldath would not allow anyone to defile her faithful's remains with such a bloodthirsty presence and so created the Weald as a sanctuary against those who would intrude upon her blessed peace.

For years, the woman's fury drove her to stalk the outskirts of the Weald, unable to penetrate its hallowed grounds. It was not until ten years later that she finally set aside her grievance and hatred. When at last she gave up on ever reuniting with what remained of her lover, of retrieving his remains to bury, only then did the Weald's cascade part for her. She found no sign of her lost love when she entered - only a white stag standing tall, calm and proud. She settled near its feet and closed her eyes; they never opened again.

It is said that an oddly-shaped boulder located near the waterfall is possibly the only remnant of this vengeful woman, who found peace with Eldath in her dying breath.



  • The Weald
  • Ranger's Rest Inn
  • Meeting Hall

Prominent Residents/Organizations

  • The White Stag

Whether this is the same white stag of legend or not, what is certain is that a stag has always wandered the Wending Weald, staring silently at visitors before darting off for unseen purposes.

  • Uldah, Keeper of the Shrines

This wizened crone tends the shrines of Eldath and Shaundakul. Though she has long since lost all her teeth, she continues to offer a welcoming smile to any visitors to the Weald.

  • Garreth Stridelong

A local ranger of Shandakul, now mostly retired. After having rediscovered the Wending Weald, he established the outpost for likeminded wanderers and those attuned to nature to use as a waystop.

Miscellaneous Information