Hakafu Fujisawa

Name: Hakafu Fujisawa
Title(s): Dispenser
Home/Location: The Bloodfeather Acadamy, outside Waterdeep.
Birthplace: Kara-tur
Age: 34
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Deity: Hoar
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Hakafu is a Sacred Fist in service to Hoar, The lady of Vengance and Poetic Justice. He often finds his beliefs at odds with the followers of Tyr and their "misguided" sense of Justice.


Significant Relationships:
* Sonsaku Fujisawa, Sister

Miscellaneous Information: Hakafu was rescued from death by Verity Bloodfeather when his parents were killed in a raid by the Warlord Matsukita when he was very young. He was brought halfway round the world to the Bloodfeather Academy and given basic schooling after which he was sent to the Brothers of the Just Fist, a monastic order near Candlekeep. After several years of training, he was returned to the Bloodfeather Acadamy where he rejoined his sister and serveral others for the trip to Sundren.

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