Joalill Lo' Rell

Joalill has spent her earlier years in the magical city of myth drannor, an apprentice in the arcane arts. She has learned many things in the great elven city of Myth Drannor, one of those is a sense of equality. She has less prejudice than most elves of the other secluded societies. She is known to be weary of the common dwarf but is ready to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Joalill has spent her later years in the city of Waterdeep, where she furthered her studies of the weave and jewelcrafting. Her will has become callased and her concious frayed during her stay in the jaded city. She also became a faithful follower of an unkown deity during her stay. After 30 years in the city Joalill sundenly left for the city of Sundren for unkown reasons.

Upon her arival to Sundren she accepted the menial tasks desired of legion and various others of the local region. Continuing in her devotion to her deity she tries to accomplish her and her deity's will through means of the arcane. All the while furthering her studdies and accomplishing her goals by any means necessary.

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