Schlachten, Cruven

<b>Name:</b> Cruven Schlachten

<b>Title(s):</b> Blood Reaver / Brother of Blood

<b>Birthplace:</b> Westgate

<b>Race:</b> Human

<b>Gender:</b> Male

<b>Patron Deity:</b> Garagos

<b>Class:</b> Cleric

<b>Age:</b> 27

<b>Alignment:</b> CN

<b>Physical Features/Appearance:</b>

Cruven is not a friendly looking figure, though this does not mean he is ugly. Even though he is a priest and not a total warrior Cruven is muscular and bears pleanty of scars, the most noticeable one being a scar running from just bellow his right ear to the cleft of his chin. His dark brown eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair contrast the paleness of his skin. At all times he can be seen wearing the holy symbol of Garagos around his neck hanging from a necklace made of red tear drop shaped beads. Along with his holy symbol Cruven bears the markers of a priest of Garagos; red boots, red gloves, and a red cape.


Cruven isn’t a very friendly fellow, put simply Cruven is more of a “shoot first ask questions later” kind of guy. The only people Cruven cares about are his Brothers of Blood, his God, and most importantly himself. Also because of the influence of this corrupt city he was born and the faith he follows Cruven tends to cause problems and seems to have very few morals. Though he may have a bit of a wild attitude Cruven doesn’t do any of his actions for a good or evil reason, he merely does his actions on a whim.


Being born an orphan in Westgate, Cruven was baptized through fighting for survival. Having no way to pay for his own food Cruven would end up needing to fight for survival, not only by stealing food but also to protect himself in the slums from dirty thugs. By age 13 Cruven had become quite a good brawler for not having any training what so ever, and when a local priest of Garagos witnessed Cruven not only fending off two muggers himself but also mercilessly killing the slower mugger who couldn’t run away fast enough, he instantly took a liking to him.
The priest, Marian Schlachten, approached Cruven and quickly took him in under his wing schooling him in the teachings and dogma of Garagos. Marian almost instantly became like a father to Cruven, for the first time Cruven had a roof over his head and didnt have to steal his food. Eventually Cruven took on the name of his teacher, Schlachten, and started his training to become a priest of Garagos. Quickly Cruven advanced in the teachings of Garagos and eventually was initiated into the Brothers of Blood as one of the Blood Reavers. Once he hit the age of 26 Cruven set out on a mission to spread the strife and also the teachings of Garagos to other areas of Faerûn.

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