<b>Name:</b> Neradnal Ill'Koresh<br>
<b>Title(s):</b> General<br>
<b>Home/Location:</b> Unknown<br>
<b>Age:</b> 30+<br>
<b>Race:</b> Human<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Male<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Bane<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> LE<br>

<b>Summary:</b> When he was an infant he was "saved" by the Helmites after they defeated the Black Advance. Orphaned he was given to the Triumvirate to raise. Trained in sword and prayer by Balthazar and Casper he became a powerful tool against the Agents of Bane.

One day that all changed when he failed in his duties, slowly he was corrupted and became what he had sought to fight against. After some time walking his new path he found out about his hidden past, and put much effort into reviving his fallen parents. Reunited with his father he works to further their goal, and spread Banes will across the land.<br>

<b>Faction(s):</b> Black Advance<br>

<b>Significant Relationships:</b><br>
<li>Tifton: After his revival Neradnal and Tifton became allies, and can be seen together from time to time.<br></li>

<b>Miscellaneous Information:</b> Seems to have disappeared after his "defeat" in the necropolis<br>

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