Aseir sar Aencar

<b>Name:</b> Aseir sar Aencar


<b>Home/Location:</b> Nomad

<b>Birthplace:</b> Theymarsh, Border Kingdoms

<b>Age:</b> 21

<b>Race:</b> Human, Chondathan

<b>Gender:</b> Male

<b>Deity:</b> Mask

<b>Alignment:</b> Chaotic Neutral

<b>Faction(s):</b> None

<b>Significant Relationships:</b>


Aseir sar Aencar is an opportunist by nature, he was left to his own devices as a child, as his family cared little for their son. Aseir sar came from a long line of Wizards, his ancestry actually dates back to Alacanther of Arrabar, the evil wizard and destroyer of Aencar, the Mantled King. Shortly after the death of Alacanther at the hands of Aencar's men reached Arrabar, the predecessors of Aseir'sar, namely Alacanther's half-brother fled to the southwest into the Border Kingdoms. He fled for reasons no longer known, as he never shared them with any of his family. Centuries later, Aseir sar was born in the Border Kingdoms, in the town of Theymarsh and upon learning their son had not a trace of the arcane, through a family ritual passed down for centuries to weed out those weak in the arcane from the bloodline, they named him 'sar Aencar' or 'of the blood of Aencar' as a cruel joke, because over the years the descendants of Alacanther's half-brother had grown even more cruel and malicious, and to speak of the Mantled King was a crime against the family, and so by naming their son after the Mantled King, they exiled him.

Aseir sar Aencar was left to himself and grew up exploring the wilderness and getting himself in to trouble, as his parents gave little care. They only gave him a small room in their house and less food then the horses. So Aseir would steal and pilfer what else he needed to survive and so he grew up learning the hardest of life despite coming from a successful merchant family of Theymarsh. When growing up, Aseir would spends tendays in the forests surrounding Theymarsh, teaching himself how to hunt and survive in the wilderness. However to pay for the supplies it took to spend such time in the forest, Aseir would steal and con his way to coins to pay for his wanderlust. Aseir grew up without a soul to trust, however at the age of fourteen, when wandering through the forest he met a small group of young men and women whom where travelling the lands in search of true freedom, some of them where well trained in combat and would guard the younger members, Aseir was a year younger then the group's youngest member, whom was a female half-elf whom had a natural talent for the arcane and was a budding sorceress. Aseir joined their group and began traveling the lands of Faerun with the small group, which was more a caravan on an long journey to a yet unknown location.

Six years Aseir spent with the group, and over those six years, the half-elf sorceress, whose name was Sariandi, and Aseir developed an intense relationship, the two would spend nights awake talking of their future, they were two children in love, and like all loves of the childish sort, they come to an end eventually. However this end was far more scarring then most, the group over the past years had travelled far, and now they where in Thay, in the Tharch of Eltabbar

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