Inspired by her family’s past, Felicia Pendraig created a group of mercenaries beholden to her family and her family alone. While her ties to Zakhara are strong, she employs these ‘Brightspears’ in her own family’s dealings within Aquor and other locations around the valley. In order for the Peace to remain ostensibly neutral, the Saharin police it, but the Brightspears maintain the Pendraigs’ influences outside of Aquor as well.

Also known widely as the “Red Cloaks,” the Brightspears come from many walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: sworn loyalty to the Pendraigs. They can be councilors, bodyguards, mages, spies, and anything else that the family needs in order to conduct its business. As a result, many an aspiring adventurer, born and raised in the mountain town, seek an audience with Felicia in order to gain acceptance to the Brightspear name, and the brand that marks each of their arms. Trained in combat, diplomacy, and subterfuge, these elite individuals are watched closely, wherever they go.

Under Telmerin Pendraig, House Pendraig drove strong recruitment to the organization. Such was the fanatical loyalty that Telmerin inspired among the Brightspears that more than one has given their life in defense of the charismatic lord. The circumstances of each of these sacrifices – coupled with salacious rumors and gossip – have earned the Brightspears a derisive moniker, the “Burning Men.” To name the Brightspears as such to their face is considered a grievous insult.

With Telmerin’s death, the Brightspears now turn to Lady Diane for guidance.

Typical Member Traits:

  • Members come from all walks of life, usually boasting talents that would earn them recognition by the nobility. Artists, diplomats, fighters and mages are all sought after for their unique skills.
  • Loyal to House Pendraig and Aquor
  • No Alignment Restrictions



With Aquor’s independence and the founding of the Silent Peace, Aquor officially became neutral territory. Within Aquor, strict enforcement of this policy fell to the Saharin. As neutral arbiters attempting to maintain peace among factions both native to Aquor and those foreign dignitaries from across the Sundered Valley, the Saharin soon earned themselves a great deal of ire. Although historians suggest this enmity was not deserved, discontent against the Saharin began to inspire rumors that the Zakharan faction was actually an occupying force and that House Pendraig was nothing but their puppet government.

In order to preserve House Pendraig’s position and to temporarily distance herself politically from the Saharin, Felicia Pendraig moved to create an organization that would be loyal to her and her house alone. Thus, the Brightspears were formed. So named for the flaming spears wielded by the mercenary company’s first soldiers, the Brightspears soon drew admiration from across the valley as talented agents of House Pendraig, skilled in both blade, spell, and oratory.

While the Brightspears were created by Felicia and are now overseen by Lady Diane during their respective rules, it was during Telmerin Pendraig’s ascendance that they truly became a force to be reckoned with. The young Pendraig lord was a natural leader who inspired those under his command and uncovered many unknown talents that would rise to prominence within the mercenary company’s ranks. So beloved was he that for a time the Brightspears became known as “Telmerin’s Spears.” Famously, the previous Brightspears Commander gave his life defending Telmerin from a young red dragon, whose dying gasp saw a last stream of fire engulf the man in Telmerin’s place.

Despite Telmerin’s meteoric rise, not all spoke of him fondly. There were at least two novices who set themselves ablaze after their romantic affections were supposedly spurned by Telmerin, who was widely known as a charmer and philanderer. Further, one of the Brightspears’ barracks burned to the ground, reportedly because the sentinels were in such desperate straits to secure Telermin’s location that they did not pay enough attention to keeping the flames at bay (the lord himself was rumored to have been patronizing a brothel). These tales among others soon earned the Brightspears a new name: the “Burning Men.”

Despite all of this, Telmerin enjoyed the loyalty of almost all the Brightspears until his death at the hands of an unidentified illness. Many still mourn his passing, with some going so far as to suspect a conspiracy and assassination. There has never been concrete evidence uncovered to support these claims but that has not stopped the current Lance Captain of the Brightspears, Tashara, from devoting all her time and energies to uncovering the truth.

Base(s) of Operations


Aquor, Pendraig Estate



Both within and outside of Aquor, the Brightspears are House Pendraig’s eyes and ears, their sword and shield. The Saharin maintain the Silent Peace, but it is the Brightspears that unofficially oversee an uneasy paradigm between the many factions of Aquor itself. Brightspear emissaries entreat the Thayan Enclave and the Whurest dwarves under the direction of House Pendraig to ensure Aquor prospers. Lady Diane has increasingly come to rely upon them to defuse tensions with the Saharin as well, whose loyalties to Zakhara draw suspicion and wariness to their every move.

Outside of Aquor, the Brightspears are the face of House Pendraig. The best of their leal diplomats are dispatched to Sestra and Avanthyr to negotiate trade. They are always accompanied by the best of the Brightspears’ warriors, who wear the sigil of their namesake flaming spear proudly across their red cloaks and tabards.

A fanatical element of the Red Cloaks believe Telmerin Pendraig’s death was not caused by illness, but rather foul play. This secret sect works behind the scenes to investigate the circumstances of the young lord’s passing, convinced that some conspiracy – orchestrated by rival factions within Aquor – is at hand.



Records indicate that the first formal Brightspear rankings were proposed by an Aquoran poet who rose quickly within the organization. While the flowery language was certainly evocative, new members found their meaning inscrutable. Therefore, a simpler nomenclature was adopted to ensure subordinates knew to whom they should report. The formal titles remain in use but are limited mostly to ceremony; they are reflected below after their more recognizable colloquial titles.

  • First Lance, the “Bright Flame”
  • Lance Captain, the “Spear Upon the Point”
  • Spear Sergeant, the “Shield Against the Tide”
  • Bright Sentinel, the “Torches in the Dark”
  • Spear Sentinel, the “Spears of Pendraig”
  • Novice, the “First Spears”

Timeline/Historical Events of Note

  • 1389 – The Silent Peace.
  • 1390 – Felicia Pendraig establishes the Brightspears to secure House Pendraig’s position in Aquor.
  • 1405 – The Brightspears construct their first base of operations in Aquor’s outskirts. The poet Tolonius writes an epic to celebrate the Brightspears’ ascendance.
  • 1408 – Lady Diane gives birth to Telmerin Pendraig.
  • 1420 – Felicia Pendraig “abdicates” her position as head of House Pendraig, though many suggest that she is still the true power in Aquor behind Lady Diane.
  • 1424 – Telmerin Pendraig comes of age and earns the loyalty of the Brightspears with a feat of ingenuity, expelling the spy and traitor Danicus Kell.
  • 1428 – First Lance Galand Thorne sacrifices his own life to save Telmerin. Telmerin honors Galand’s sacrifice with a month-long vigil.
  • 1430 – Telmerin is given unofficial stewardship over the Brightspears, appointing First Lance Orenn Zhane and Lance Captain Tashara to their positions.
  • 1431 – The first Brightspears barracks burns down in an accidental fire.
  • 1433 – Telmerin dies to a mysterious illness.

Leadership/People of Note


Lord Telmerin Pendraig

One cannot speak the name Brightspears without recognizing the contributions Lord Telmerin Pendraig made to the organization’s rise. Under his unofficial stewardship, the Brightspears saw their ranks swell three-times over. While the man’s character is indubitably colored, there can be no question that he has earned the unwavering loyalty of his men. His death continues to cast a great shadow over the organization, which – although filled to the brim with resounding talent – now finds itself lacking a true leader capable of bringing them all together.

First Lance Orenn Zhane, the Bright Flame

While he is a renowned spearman of unquestioned skill, some among Aquor suggest that Orenn Zhane was no more than Telmerin Pendraig’s lackey and hound, who excelled better at following orders than giving them. Indeed, while the Brightspears found unified purpose under Lord Telmerin’s guidance, Zhane has struggled to keep the Brightspears in line, lacking the charisma to keep the Brightspears’ disparate personalities in a working whole. Still, as he was appointed to his position with Telmerin’s recommendation, few are willing to challenge him openly for leadership.

Lance Captain Tashara, the Spear Upon the Point

Rumors swirl that Lance Captain Tashara was once engaged in an illicit affair with Telmerin Pendraig. With his death, many feel emboldened to claim that she was elevated to her position for that relationship, pointing to her utter lack of combat ability, martial, magical, or otherwise. Even so, Tashara has thus far successfully navigated these treacherous political waters, deftly swatting aside multiple efforts to unseat her. She was aided in this effort by the faction of Brightspears who suspect Telmerin was murdered and has promised to do all she can to unveil the truth of the matter.

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