Brunus, Ironbreaker

<b>Physical Charictaristics:</b>

<b>Eyes:</b> Sapphire Blue<br>
<b>Hair/Beard:</b> Fiery Red/Orange<br>
<b>Age:</b> 102<br>
<b>Tatoo:</b> A symbol of a hammer shattering a shield is imprintet on the neck of Brunus. Left cheek bears his family rune<br>
<b>Origin:</b> Icewind dale, Ironhold<br>
<b>Deity:</b>Clangeddin Silverbeard
<b>Alignment:</b>Lawful Neutral<br>
<b>Race:</b>Shhield Dwarf<br>

Brunus is a strongly built dwarf with a fiery beard and a temper to match,
on his left cheek is a tatoo signifying his family rune.
The rune is a dwarven nobles rune that signifies Brunus as a dwarven nobles son.

When clad in his plate armor Brunus can best be reffered to as a steel wall, just like any who follow his clans defender traditions, he also carries a masterly crafted warhammer ingraved with magical runes.

The hammer also carries the symbols of its craftsman Kilinar Klenk.
<b>Background Story:</b>

Brunus hails from Ironhold a dwarven clanhold belonging to the Ironbreaker clan,it resides in a lonely mountain surrounded by a permanently frozen lake and vast expanses of frozen plains that lies at northermost point of Icewind dale far beyond the spine of the world.

At a young age all Ironbreakers undergo combat training against the various creatures that inhabit the lands around the clanhold, creatures like orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres, and giants. Brunus was no exception to this and was sent to the training grounds by his mother and father each day.

As the years passed the young dwarves got strong tougher and more resillient.



<b>Clan History:</b>

The Ironbreaker clan was thought lost many centuries ago during the first wars against the orc's that started the demise of the dwarven kingdoms in the north.
The clan was famed for its Dwarven Defenders and their ability to overcome seemingly impossible odds on the battlefield.

<i>There is a an old dwarven saying that a Line of Ironbreaker Defenders is stronger then a 20 feet thick stonewall…and far more deadly.</i>

Gloigan Stonholder Dwarven Historian.

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