Casca, Leo

Name: Leo Casca

Race: Kara-Tur, of Tenshodo bloodline (very distantly Sandorian in ancestral rooting), most specifically: the former Aketsui clan.

Gender: Male.

Age: Factual age unknown. As a fullblooded Kara-Tur male, seeming lack of facial hair would denote somewhere in early to mid human adulthood. (23 years)

Appearance: This towering, masculine visage of bronze idealogy stands at a height of 8'4", making him abnormally taller than even most exceptional Kara-Tur male humans. With a broad skeletal structure and fine, narrow facial features, his skin is a smooth olive tan and adorning his skull is an untamed mess of raven-sheen black locks that, when down, frame his face not unlike a Lion's mane. For the majority of his life, Leo's hair was often kept up and tied back in a tight ponytail, bound by a crest seal that denoted heritage to a lost Tenshodo bloodline, however since a most recent personal revelation Leo has done away with this crest and wears his mane freely. His musculature is sinous and sleek, concealing an immense density. His demeanor is that of a stoic unweatherable: his mannerisms soft-spoken and gentle. When these bodyparts defined are visible: singular shodo glyphs can be seen tattooed in caligraphic form on the left side of the neck(Gi), the back of either forearm(Yu, Rei), beneath the adjoining of the collarbones on the chest(Jin), on the insides of the right and left palm(Makoto, Shin), beneath the left ankle(Meiyo) and one massive one on his back(Shishi – Lion). Lionard can most often be found wearing simple black short hakama along with a blue, black or red longsleeved haori coat(one of which sleeves is worn off of his arm), and a pair of dark-brown shoe-boots. In accessory he wears a thin silver cord necklace with crystal-set Selune pendant, a silk black obi-sash with square patterning in dark yellow about the waist and a simple beaded bracelet around his left wrist. Lionard is never found without his bondsword, the 'Samantha Twelve'. The Samantha is a silversteel Odachi with extended grip, full tang, rounded and latch-accessorized hilt(the mon being engraved with the tenshodo symbol for 'shishi' or 'lion protector'), the blade of the Samantha has been hollowed out inside, filled with mercury for optimal attack succesion rate. Samantha's saya(scabbard) is water-treated oakwood with dark red-black coating.

Personality: Leo is an idealistic romanticist/heroic at heart, though the mold of his existence is shaped in attribution entirely to the philosophies of Samurai martial discipline: resulting in a soft-hearted, stoic protagonist prone to committing outrageous acts to uphold the extremity of a "Greater good"(Chaotic Good). Although, he will never resort to such without much contemplation. Regardless, though Leo's willpower and self-control extend to such lengths that he has achieved a constant meditative state in which he conciously engineers his sub-concious, he is not beyond acting in a way that may seem narrow-minded or blind in the name of the greater ideal at hand. Leo is a masculine-chivalrous entity at heart(though not sexist), and will often refer to more traditional, courtly manners when dealing with women. At times, his constant show of endearment could have others mistake him for a flirt of some sort, but this is not the case: Because of his idealistic nature, Leo is a man enabled towards(while being disabled towards their opposites) the more loyalty-based facets of bonding with others: Monogamous Love, brotherhood and comradery.

History: Leo Castor was once a Kensai (Swordsaint/Samurai)of Tenshudo's Tojo clan in Kara-Tur, he served as a bodyguard and soldier captain to his mistress the Lady Noh. While on a crusade that took him all along the swordcoast for two years his elder sister(of two sisters)fell ill and died. Leo returned after the crusade to hear this news and has since turned his back on the Gods, feeling they use mortals as pawns for their games. Leo now travels the extents of the forgotten realms in search of new purpose and family. Leo was born into a simple miner's family, the eldest and only male of three children. When he was very young his father sent him off to train with the Umberlique monks of the rural isles, on his way there he was taken in instead by a Kensai of the Tenshudo clan where he earned his place in the social classes. When his parents died, he brought his two sisters to live with him in the finer settlements of Kara-Tur before leaving for Crusade. Currently, Leo has begun travel again in search of reclaiming an aspect of identity he feels he has lost – it is during this self-proposed missive that he arrives in the world of Sundren.

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