Cinderkin, Sasha

Name: Sasha Cinderkin
Race: Tiefling
Class: rogue / wizard / arcane trickster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Diety: Hoar

A tall, thin man with redish coloured hair. He is often dressed in fine clothes of flashy design and maintains his appearance to a high standard. Under his coat is a bandolier with several wooden stakes and he has a few short blades of various makes and design tucked into his belt.

Young and brash, he has the world by the tail (before it grabs him by his). He is full of bravado and delights in watching the chaos he has injected tear apart his adversary’s world. He is constantly fiddling with random items in the many pockets of his coat and seems surprised at the variety of objects he produces.

“Now this is interesting… where would I have found two blue marbles and a raven feather? Curious is it not?”

He constantly fidgets and his hands seem to always be busy, whether touching all the items in a merchant’s stall, or practicing small “magic” feats like making coins disappear behind the ears of children.

History & Origins
Sasha’s life was fairly ordinary living in Sigil, which pained him greatly. How was he supposed to distinguish himself if he lived this mundane existence? He needed some action or event that would bring his name into notoriety. Sure he could join in the games of his brothers and sisters, killing each other to feed the egos of demons and devils, but bowing and scraping for their leftovers didn’t appeal to him. Then it came to him… PRIDE! He knew it well; he was her greatest lover after all! And what better game for the master to play then to show others how fickle his mistress could be!

Now being smart, Sasha knew enough to know his place in the world. He knew that he needed to perfect the game before bringing it back to the pit. But who on the prime material plane woos pride as much as he does? Who craves her embrace and would fall prey to his game? After seducing a sorcerer into scrying the surface world for him, he found a worthy adversary…. Those who have cheated death himself! His new adversary have become the wanton disciples of pride, they feel that the natural order of things don’t apply to them as they raise their undead minions and seek to extend their natural lives beyond the end of time.

“Pride my friend” He can be heard to say with a smile “Pride will be your downfall, and I’m the dandy that will help you take that last fateful step.”

After stealing a few simple spells and a book on the dead, he bribed his way into the prime material plane where he has tricked his way through the land, perfecting his game of hunting the prideful intelligent undead.

Important Contacts
Sasha does not know many people on this plane, though I am sure he has crossed (or owes a favour or two) a few people below.

Motivation & Goals
Sasha delights in bringing order to chaos, though he limits this to individuals, not governments. He has fallen into a group of other hunters and though they possess different (albeit more serious) motivation than his, Sasha finds their company justified, because one so distinguished as himself would naturally have a company of fellows to enjoy his great game with.

Sasha isn’t evil (Chaotic Neutral), though he is self serving and only sees rules as delightful little obstacles that make his game more interesting. Although he has fully embraced pride, he is a gracious loser as the mistress is fickle, but he won’t let the event go unanswered. He is likely to remember he who won one over on him in order to later show him up.

“The game is never over; we have just convened this round. But soon sir, we shall meet again and you will find yourself measuring short”

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