Create Your Character

There are a number of philosophical mindsets that govern how a character goes about his day to day activies:
<li> <a href="">Lawful Good</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Neutral Good</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Chaotic Good</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Lawful Neutral</a></li>
<li> <a href="">True Neutral</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Chaotic Neutral</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Lawful Evil</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Neutral Evil</a></li>
<li> <a href="">Chaotic Evil</a></li>

From Half-Orcs to Drow, Deep Gnomes to Sun Elves, Sundren is populated by a number of diverse and interesting <a href="">RACES</a>.

<a href="">CLASSES</a> range from savage barbarians to sneaky rogues. Explore the different class descriptions to plan your character and investigate the many different paths open to you.

Sundren is filled with many people of different faiths. Explore the <a href="">DEITIES</a> that watch over the realms.

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