Elix Bloodfeather

Name: Elixander Bloodfeather <br>
Title(s): Undisclosed<br>
Home/Location: The Bloodfeather Acadamy<br>
Birthplace: Unknown<br>
Age: 28<br>
Race: Human<br>
Gender: Male<br>
Deity: Undisclosed<br>
Alignment: Undisclosed<br>

Elix is a formidable warrior, wielding his spear in one hand does not seem to hamper his ability with it.

Significant Relationships:
* none


Miscellaneous Information: <br>
When Elix was seven years old, he was kidnapped from home by a group of fur clad men and spirited away into a dark forest. After several days of terror, they reached a small mountain at the base of which was a crude shrine. Several fur clad men danced around the shrine as Elix was drugged and placed on the alter. At the height of the ritual a particularly grisly man appeared out of the darkness and raised a cruel knife above Elix chest. Just as the knife was driven toward Elix, a bolt of powerful lightning stroke down from the sky striking Elix and driving into the grisly man. More bolts danced down after the first scattering the remaining worshippers. Elix, stunned and disoriented from the lightning and the drugs, stumbled out into the forest away from the smoking corpses. It wasn't long before he ran into a tall elf with long blood red hair. The elf reached out a hand and Elix took it. The elf spoke a word and they were suddenly in a small comfortable room. Elix was placed in the bed and immediately passed out.

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