Elric Gallow

Name: Elric Gallow
Title(s): Leader of the Arcanus Liberus
Home/Location: Jimmy's Dice Den (Entertainment District)
Birthplace: Neverwinter
Age: 35
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Deity: Windfinder
Alignment: CN

Elric Gallows is 6'2" tall, weighing about 225 pounds. He has deep blue eyes and blonde hair. He always has a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He loves women, drink, and most importantly song. His bardic talents have gotten him out of many predicatments.

Faction(s): Arcanus Liberus

Significant Relationships:

Landaren: He was good friends with Landaren and Kemnebi. He severed his ties with Landaren when Elric found he could do nothing to save him from the evil that was eating him from within. He sees Landaren as a threat to Sundren and is hoping to stop the threat before more lives are lost.

Kemnebi: He was also good friends with Kemnebi and had many fireside chats about religion and life. He defended Kemnebi during his infamous trial.

Cadmus: Elric has always been friends with Cadmus, stemming from before the advent of the Arcanus Liberus.

He is known to sell exceptional wands.

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