Glimmerstone, Bofalsia

Name: Bofalsia Glimmerstone

Title(s): Revered Daughter

Birthplace: The Vast

Race: Shield Dwarf

Gender: Female

Patron Deity: Berronar Truesilver

Physical Features: Green eyes,grey hair, healthy skin and wearing several pieces of silver jewellery (most noticable a small silver chain around her neck and a silver ring on each of her hands)

Character: Calm and friendly but stern by times, bearing a blind faith and loyalty towards her own kind, values tradition, despises every beïng that has given itself to greed and lust for power

Residence: Four Lanterns Inn

Favored Food: Wild Boar

Favored Drink: Tomato Sunshine


Recent History:</blockquote>

She recently travelled to Sundren to support the local dwarven community,
to guide, heal and help those in need. She trying to establish communication with and between the several dwarves and clans that live amongst the landsof Sundren.

She can often be found visiting the Sundren library, where she has taken an intrest in medical books and books regarding alchemy.


Due to her believes and personal code she will not engage in battle herself unless she's forced to (for example to defend herself). She also refrains herself from any cutting weapons because of those same beliefs. She does not oppose battle however, she even thinks it's necessary by times, but her place is to support and heal not to cause the actual bloodshed.

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