<b>Name:</b> Orlan Proskus<br>
<b>Title(s):</b> Abbot<br>
<b>Home/Location:</b> Temple of Helm (Sundren City, Trade District)'''<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Undisclosed<br>
<b>Age:</b> 65<br>
<b>Race:</b> Human<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Male<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Helm<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> LG<br>

Abbot Orlan Proskus is a genuinely open, forgiving, and kind man who has dedicated his life to serving Helm. He is slow to anger, open to ideas, encouraging, and dependable. Originally set on the path to become a Paladin of Helm because his father wanted him to be a strong leader, Orlan discovered around age 20 that his true calling was serving the Vigilant One as a member of his clergy. The young and passionate Orlan Proskus spent decades traveling Faerun doing his deity's will until he was given the position of Abbot in Sundren City in recognition for his many accomplishments. Today, Abbot Orlan Proskus leads in a different way, elected as head figure for the Church of Helm in Sundren City. He is renowned for his patience, desire to listen, and ability to dispense sage advice.

Physically, Orlan Proskus is no longer in the prime of his life, and as a result seldom travels far from the church. He relies on the church's dutiful and dependable paladins and Everwatch Knights to handle business throughout the city and beyond.

<li> Church of Helm</li>

<b>Significant Relationships:</b>
<li> Tifton Holyguard: Tifton and Orlan were very close friends, and the Abbot took Tifton's death particularly hard. Tifton traveled to Sundren to serve with Orlan after he was offered the abbot-ship.</li>
<li> Caspar: Acts as a mentor, despite their different religions.</li>
<li> Balthasar: Acts as a mentor, despite their different religions.</li>

<b>Miscellaneous Information:</b>
<li> Sells a variety of items from the Church.</li>
<li> Assists with the resurrection of the fallen.</li>
<li> Has an <b>FIXME: in-depth Biography </b> available at the City Library, written by Neddlewort Needlestackes, II.</li>

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