Level: Wiz/Sor 8<br>
School: Necromancy [Evil,Death]<br>
Components: V,S<br>
Casting Time: 1<br>
Range: Close<br>
Effect: One Living Creature<br>
Duration: Instant<br>
Saving Throw: Fort Parital<br>
Spell Resist: Yes<br>

<i>An expedition into the Jungles of Chult discovered an ancient tomb beneath a pertified tree that had been converted into a temple/lab of sorts. While rummaging thru the rubble a scroll tube containg several spells was found. This is one of those spells.</i><br>

The innards of the target creature roil. If the target fails its saving throw, its intestines burst forth, killing it. The innards fly toward the caster and are absorbed into her form, granting her 4d6 temporary hitpoints and a +4 enhancement to strength. <br>
If the target's save is successful they tak 10d6 damage instead. A creature without an anatomy is unaffected by this spell.<br>

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