<b>Hoar:</b> The Doombringer, Lord of Three Thunders
<b>Symbol:</b> Black-gloved hand holding a coin with a two-faced head.
<b>Alignment:</b> LN
<b>Portfolio:</b> Revenge, Retribution, Poetic Justice
<b>Domains:</b> Law, Travel, Death
<b>Worshipers:</b> Assassins, fighters, rogues, seekers of retribution, spandex-clad anti-heroes/vigilantes.
<b>Cleric Alignments:</b> LG, LN, LE
<b>Favored Weapon:</b> Spear

The god of vengeance is vengeful. Go figure. He's moody and violent, with a dark sense of humor. Hoar's following is composed of wanderers with a penchant for sticking up for the little guy, with little regard for local law or authority. No transgression is too slight to exact terrible, terrible vengeance upon the perpetrator. The spirit of the law trumps the letter of the law completely, and those who use technicalities and rules as a shield are worthy of immediate retribution. To leave those who violated you to walk free is to invite further attack. Those who wrong yourself or others are to be dealt with swiftly and in no uncertain terms. The greatest revenge is sweetened with bitter irony.

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