House Meriadoc

<b>Crest:</b> Solitary black galleon sailing west over a rising blue wave.<br>
<b>Motto:</b> "One Step Ahead"<br>
<b>Relations:</b> Founders and ruling body of Port Avanthyr.<br>
<b>Head of Household:</b> Lord Nicantor Meriadoc<br>


One of the greatest shipwrights to ever set a boat afloat, Levi Meriadoc practically built Sundren's naval trade from the ground up. Legends say that he searched the rocky coastline for over a year before finding the perfect spot in which to build docks, and eventually <a href="">Port Avanthyr</a>. He and his family settled in the spot where future ships would port and dock, bringing the town up from one or two small cottages to the thriving seaport it is today. For his wealth and service, the Arbiters granted him nobility and lands around the Port.

Rumors speculate that Levi was actually a smuggler, and that through his efforts the Port was built by bribing and threatening any who would seek to place sea business elsewhere. Members of the House discount this, sometimes with laughter but more often not. But rumors persist of the Thrice Scarred Captain of the Whispers of the Deep. A fearsome pirate, he raided the Sword Coast until he was stopped short by a beautiful red-haired woman.

The captain fell desperately in love, and swore never to pirate again for her affections. Stories are always going on about how the pirate captain buried an unspeakable treasure somewhere on the coastline. Again, though, members of the House point out that if this was so, they'd be the richest family in Sundren. A round of laughter is usually exchanged, and then one of grog.

<h4>Family Tree</h4>
Levi Meriadoc
Captain Georgias Meriadoc (1250)-|
Lord Nicodemus Meriadoc (1280)
Lord Nicantor Meriadoc (1308)
Captain <a href="">Evelyn Meriadoc</a> (1346)
Born to Moira Pendraig

<h4>Noble Ties</h4>

The Meriadoc family has had a fierce rivalry with the <a href="">Ulsteris</a> family ever since they came into power. The trades that they both invest in are heavily opposed, and they are frequent competitors on the open market. Nothing exemplifies this more than the duel between Lord Nicodemus Meriadoc and the Ulsteris head over the import rights for Mulhandori silks. Lord Nicodemus was triumphant, and scarred the Ulsteris head in his right eye. To this day, there is a bristling temper that rises whenever the two houses meet.

They have a normal, working relationship with the other houses, more so with <a href="">Pendraig</a> than any other. Moira <a href="">Pendraig</a>, the head's second daughter, was even offered to Nicantor Meriadoc in marriage.

<h4>Head of Household</h4>

Nicantor is a man well built with pepper colored hair, and sea green (and failing) eyes. A once young and brash member of House Meriadoc, he once served as the protector of Sundren's sea trade from the helm of his ship, the Wolfshead. An excellent fighter, and an even more so tactician, he once single-handedly delayed an entire armada of Luskan pirates by using a combination of speed, stealth, and illusionary magics from his first mate until the remainder of Sundren's naval protection were able to rendezvous with his ship and route the raiders from Sundren's coastline.

As he aged his brashness faded and a cool, calculating man was eventually revealed. Experienced, cunning, and well connected among Sundren's wealthy and common alike, Lord Nicantor is a deadly opponent and a stalwart ally, depending on how he views you. First impressions are everything with him, and he values a quick mind over raw strength or flowery words. He views the Port as his family's birthright, and is quick to anger (not unlike his daughter) when he believes his family name is being insulted. The anger is swallowed up by his level head, and he directs it towards slowly and painfully picking apart the person who had dared to question his family.

As quick as he is to anger when his family is insulted, he is equally as expedient in showing generosity and friendship to those who treat his family with the same. Not unlike the sea, Lord Nicantor is unpredictable in temperament and behavior.

His goals are myriad, but they all serve the betterment of his house and the protection of Sundren's Port. Anything else, he could honestly care little about unless it affected these goals. He has a deep hatred for the Ulsteris family, culminating in a duel between himself and the <a href="">Ulsteris</a> head, Oberin Ulsteris. Rumors circulate that the duel was over a half elven woman, but such things are only said quietly.


Since the Meriadoc House founded the original port, they have had a majority of the controlling interest in the Port's activities over the years. They collect a small tax on goods that come in and go out through the Port alongside the government, as they own about three quarters of the land, including most of the docks. In return for the operation and management of the docks, the government allows them to tax the goods and the store owners that operate on their land. The Meriadocs own several apartments, shops, and buildings, including the Menacing Mariner.

This works out for the best, since the government provides the actual enforcement of the docks, and allows the Meriadocs to focus on the operation and management of the Port activities. The Meriadocs do patrol the waters in several ships in order to prevent piracy, however, and provide a second level of security to the surrounding seas. That being said, their power isn't entirely widespread. There are private owners within the Port, and there are docks that do not have the Meriadoc tax attached to them (about 1/4th). This, coupled with the mostly 'hands off' approach the Meriadocs have to strictly enforcing rules and regulations, has made the Port a place of opportunity that the Meriadocs profit from by encouraging trade and transactions.


The Meriadoc name produces a mix of emotions in people. Certainly, they are respected, especially within the Port. But depending on where one grew up within the valley, they might also be hated. They are foes of the Ulsteris family and trade, and it spreads to an extent down the chain of people involved with land or sea trading. The Meriadocs are viewed as the holders of the sea trade, however loosely, and so are either respected or hated for their power.

The Meriadocs don't charge incredibly out of line rent within the Port, because they take so little from a huge variety of sources. Shippers are somewhat resentful of the taxes they collect, but are also grateful for the protection they provide on Sundren seas.

As for the rest of Sundren, they're viewed as the house that's somewhat shady, but can be trusted to always find a deal or profit (not unlike the <a href="">Thayans</a>). Since their operations are centered around the Port, their influence on the major political machinations of Sundren's elite are minimal at best. This doesn't stop Lord Nicantor, however, from garnering support among his many connections and providing a solid base of power that cannot be easily tangled with.

In short, they are feared in their own little part of Sundren, and aren't really interested in reaching further into Sundren's political games unless it profits somehow.

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