House Pendraig

<b>Crest</b>: A crimson dragon on a black field, with a white star overhead.<br>

<b>Motto</b>: "We Are Born in Fire"<br>

<b>History</b>: A noble family that resides in <a href="">Aquor</a>, this dynasty was born from the deeds of the heroic dragonslayer Brannon Highsun. A low born knight from the southern parts of Cormyr, Brannon was lord of a small but happy hold. Disaster struck when his son, Gawain, fell into a deep cavern while playing. The child unknowingly woke a hibernating red wyrm, and died to the foul beast. The newly woken and hungry dragon rose from the cavern's depths, seeking to do ill to the people of Brannon's hold. It razed and destroyed much of the farmland and people.<br>

Lord Brannon sent his fastest rider to the capital city of Suzail, but he knew that the messenger would not reach it in time. And even if he did, there would be no way for King Palaghard to send forces quickly enough. Knowing full well the outcome, Lord Brannon Highsun donned his armor and rode out to meet the beast with a paltry force of archers and bondsman. As expected, the wyrm slew and roasted all of his men until only Lord Brannon remained. Raising his spear, he charged the dragon just as it blasted a full breath of flame over the man. On his deathbed, Lord Brannon could only describe it as thus:<br>

<i>"As I thrust my spear towards the beast, the wyrms fiery breath engulfed me. I could only see the streaks of flame as they rushed over me, and should have been roasted alive. But lo, through the blaze I saw a shining beacon, a mid-day star. Steeling myself, I pushed my spear through the flame and was untouched, striking the heart of the beast. And so, we of House Pendraig were born in flame."<br></i>

By the time the King and his forces arrived, Lord Brannon had severed the head of the foul dragon after piercing its heart with his spear. Amazed, and awed, the King offered Brannon further lands as his own were wrecked by dragon fire. The lord slowly shook his head.<br>

"Your Grace, the gods have sent me a sign. My lands are in ruin, and my people are in tatters. I ask only for your permission to seek a new life with my hold, one that has been born from flame."<br>

Not understanding, the king reluctantly agreed to do so. But before he left, the king granted the knight a new name and crest, the current of House Prendraig. The lord and his group eventually made their way to Sundren, and settled in the newly built town of Aquor. To this day, the patron gods of the noble house are <a href="">Selune</a> and <a href="">Kossuth</a>, and many of its members are followers. <br>


<h2>Regent of the House</h2>

<b>Lady Diane (Highsun) Pendraig</b>

Lady Pendraig is the current matriarch of the Pendraig household within Aquor. A small woman, she nevertheless radiates charisma and power beyond her frame. She rules her house with an iron hand in a velvet glove, unyielding and yet gentle with her unbending will. She considers the house to be the most distinguished of any besides the <a href="">Lacroix</a> and <a href="">Hellstrom</a> houses, being descended from actual Cormyrian nobility. Ruthless in her dealings, she makes certain that her house always ends up better for any transaction that takes place.

She is the current leader of the house, due to her son (Telmerin Pendraig) falling desperately ill and passing away. His only remaining child is his daughter Felicia Pendraig, the current heir to the Pendraig name and currently nine years old. As a result, Diana has stepped back into her role as leader of the Pendraig name with a ferocity that makes one wonder if perhaps she is fiercer than when she left.

Lady Diane is both hard and gentle with the young girl, looking ahead to her own inevitable death and the continuation of the Pendraig name and line. She seeks to instill a rigorous learning into her grandchild, from swordsmanship to the arcane. Her own powers are born from some otherworldly influence, but she wishes her grand daughter to at least have an idea of what magic can do, and to not be at the mercy of mages or warlocks who might advise her falsely.

In the mean time, however, Lady Diane does her best to pick up the pieces of her son's death and press forward, moving the house's agenda among Sundren's elite.

<h2>House Resources</h2>

The Pendraigs are the beneficiaries of a significant income, due to in a large part their investment into the <a href="">Thayan Enclave</a> and the luxury shops within Aquor. They have a working and even amiable relationship with the Thayans, and use the gold garnered from the <a href="">Aquor</a> businesses in order to outfit their forces in the best gear available. Pendraig guards are considered elite fighting guardsmen, protecting the house with an intensity not unlike the Thayan Knights and Blackwood Mercenaries that they some times train with.

This wealth and influence has recently even spread into Sundren City, with the Pendraigs purchasing several condominiums in the Entertainment District. They also have been sending out talented performers to Sundren City in an effort to spark interest in Sundren's wealthy into moving to <a href="">Aquor</a>, and thus closer to the Pendraig seat of power.

<h2>House Reputation</h2>

The House has a reputation for being a powerfully charismatic business group, and a generous donator to the arts. In particular, the Pendraig house has donated heavily to the temple of Sune within Aquor, even paving the way financially for its settlement. Bards, musicians, and actors all seek the patronage of the Pendraig name, inspiring great festivals and events in Aquor for even those who can't afford the glittering wares.

In the noble courts, however, the Pendraigs are known for being deliciously callous to those who do not fulfill their bargains, or seek to smear the Pendraig name by doing so. Proud, powerful, and wealthy. The Pendraigs are not entirely unlike the dragon on their crest.

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