Incarus, Ahriman
Ahriman performs the casting of a spell outside of the Towers of Mundus. Name: Ahriman Incarus
Title(s): Elite Magus, The Extender(By Kaizen, Son of Storms)
Location: Towers of Mundus, Mirakus Post, Tomb of Mundus
Birthplace: Calimport, Calimshan
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Deity: Mystra
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
In his natural state, Ahriman appears as a rather tall and well built robed figure. His movements are delicate but purposeful, granting him an aura of mystery and grace as he conducts his business. His eyes are a very rich, deep blue that is also his most distinguished feature.

A man of few words, Ahriman rarely speaks unless needed to and cares little for small talk. However, he is stringently polite and is actually rather charming to those about him as well as to his associates.

Ahriman belongs to the Left Hand of Mundus and thus works closely with the various law-enforcement groups in the Valley to perform his business. He is notably close with Kaizen the Stormlord, Arawen Luelle, Aerick Talden, Peridan Twilight, Baragorn d’Locke, Cirion Reliun, Sol Sundrekin, Osclow Wiltenholm, and many others.

Very little is know about Ahriman, only a handful of his closest friends have a remote clue as to his origins and motives.

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