<b>Name:</b> Jaina Dishabaron<br>
<b>Class:</b> Fighter<br>
<b>Primary Residence:</b> Sundren<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Neverwinter<br>
<b>Age:</b> 25 years<br>
<b>Race:</b> Human<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Godless<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> Chaotic (15) / Evil (6)<br>


Jaina it's a young human girl, she is tall and her hair is dyed with a purple and black tones. Her eyes era dark purple and her skin it's a little pale.
She have a considerable strenght for a human female (Actually: 20).

<b>Back History:</b>

Raised by Jeduaoni Khazadar (R.I.P.) was lectured on the not existance of the gods and trained for serving demons to fulfill her master's errands.

<b>Actual History:</b>

– Arrived to Sundren seeking for training waiting for the Invocation.<br>
– The Invocation taken place on the Mossdale Forest, and she killed her master by request of the demon.<br>
– She met Cirion and started her path to redemption.


<li> No One</li>

<b>Significant Relationships:</b>

<li> Cirion Relius – Jaina's Boyfriend.</li>
<li> Lud Kedavar – Jaina's Friend</li>

<b>Miscelaneous Information:</b>

<li> Seeking for Redemption</li>

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