Kanar, Rholt

<b>Name:</b> Rholt Kanar<br>
<b>Title:</b> None<br>
<b>Home/Location:</b> Sundren<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Unknown but believed to be Waredeep<br>
<b>Age</b>: 28<br>
<b>Race:</b> Human<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Male<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Yet to be decided<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> LN<br>



<b>-History-</b> <br>
Rubbing an eye Rholt blinked back the desire to continue to sleep and stared at the ceiling of his tiny room. Laying there he thought to himself "I can't keep doing this its the same thing day after day I really…". But before he could finish the thought he heard a loud repeated thud against his door causing dirt and dust to gently rain down on him. "Rholt hurry it up in there! You are going to make us late again and so help me my son your mother will not quell my wrath this time!" his father bellowed from behind the door. Raff was not a brute nor a violent man but he was a man of little patients and Rholt's tardiness was quickly burning through what little he had. Casting aside his blanket Rholt stumbled out of bed knocking over his night stand as he frantically dressed himself with cloths from the prior day.

Rholt swung open the door and greeted his father's scowl with a mischievous grin. Raff was not amused so Rholt carefully maneuvered around his father, through the kitchen and out the door passed his mother. He yelled back inside to his father "Alright lets go Raff Id like to leave before you and the militia's battering ram decide to destroy my door…". Gilda smiled and kissed Raff on the cheek "Please try not to fight with the boy you know hes bored with the work… ". Raff let out an annoyed sigh "I know hun I know I've seen the books hes bartered for… hes more interested in learning… its just he needs to learn some respect!". Gilda smiled and placed her hands on his shoulders "I know and we can discuss more later but now you are going cause the two of you to be late". Raff smiled and held her hand for a moment then stepped out through the door to catch up with Rholt.

The sun had only been in the sky for a few hours and it had already become uncomfortably hot.Glaring at the sun Rholt stopped offloading cargo and began to wipe his brow. Doing the best he could with out causing another argument Raff tried his best to tactfully encourage Rholt to get back to work. Unfortunately for Raff his ability to be tactful is on par with a drunk dwarf stitching a wound with a rusted needle. Rholt flushed red with anger and shoved a stack of crates over and began yelling at Raff. With his arms up in the air "You know your right Raff! I'm just a lazy kid you know what just say it I know that you and Gilda regret taking me in! I'm just a big lazy failure to you right?". Raff bellowed back "Now wait just one damn minute! I didn't mean it that way and you know it!". The yelling began to draw the attention of every one with in ear shot much to Raff's embarrassment. Raff began to stammer "Rholt please let me explain I did not intend to belittle you I just….". But before Raff could finish Rholt stormed off shoving his way through the crowed that had gathered to watch.

Raff began to pursue Rholt but before he could take but a few steps some one placed their hand on his shoulder. Raff turned to see a tall portly man that was well dressed and obviously some one of considerable wealth. The man spoke with a heavy accent "Hello my good sir I believe we need to talk about the crates your little whelp just destroyed. Their contents was of considerable value you see….".

Seeing that his father was no longer pursuing him Rholt ducked into an alleyway and sat on the remains of a barrel. He had no idea what to do next, he couldn't go home not yet he needed a plan. Waiting until morning Rholt began to meander his way through the back alleys and streets to his parents home. Stopping he noticed something was wrong the door to the house had been forcefully removed. Rholt fearing for his parents ran in through the open doorway.Before he even had a chance to react some one clotheslined him in the throat. Rholt hit the ground with a thud and rolled onto his side coughing and sputtering. After catching his breath he groaned and sat up the best he could. Blinking he looked up to see two large men towering over him.

The more brutish of the two picked him up by the collar of his shirt. The other spoke slowly and pointedly to Rholt "Now listen here boy and listen good. Your parents have fled and while our boss didn't want to make a mere boy pay for his ruined property…. with your parents gone he has no choice.". Rholt sputtered "I… I'm sorry! I don't have any money! I..I". Before Rholt could say another word the thug tossed him to the ground "You have a week boy one week to get the money oh and read the letter on the table it says how much you owe!".

Rholt lay there his body hurt all over and he was afraid more afraid than he had ever been before. It took him some time to motivate himself to get up but as the day approached noon he dragged himself onto his feet. Picking up a chair that had been knocked on its side he sat at the table and read through the letter. He grimaced at the amount it was so much and there was no way he would ever convince any one to lend him the needed gold. Thinking out loud he decided to leave Waterdeep "What choice do I have I've got to flee or who knows what they will do to me.".

Grabbing what food remained in the house and a small stash of copper and gold he kept hidden under a loose floor board Rholt fled Waterdeep.

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