Keth Archonis

<b>Name:</b> Keth Archonis<br>
<b>Class:</b> Undisclosed <br>
<b>Primary Residence:</b> None, Currently<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Sigil <br>
<b>Age:</b> 27 <br>
<b>Race:</b> Human <br>
<b>Gender:</b> Male <br>
<b>Deity:</b> Ilmater <br>
<b>Alignment:</b> Lawful Good <br><br>

<b>Life in Sigil:</b><br>

Keth having been born in Sigil, the place known as the center of the universe and the City of Doors, had been exposed to many different races and outsiders throughout his short life. Having been birthed, raised, and abandoned in the strange city, Keth found himself feeling lost, sad, and alone in a place not known for being overly safe or hospitable. The resulting harsh childhood that the poor human had to face without his birth parents was to be the cause of much of what would define who he was, and who he wanted to be; though none of this was fully realized until he nearly lost his life.<br>

On the eve of what would have been the death of the young man, an unrecognized figure would alter the path his life had been moving towards. Having lived in the Hive, the slum of Sigil, Keth had been accustumed to danger of all sorts though had persistantly become more and more bold as to how he delt with it; and had it not been for Amnithius, an elderly Celestial Agathinon, the bold reaction would have meant death.<br>

After witnessing one too many muggings, or perhaps one too many stabbings, or perhaps one too many threats, Keth could no longer stand idly by as the chaos of the Slums enveloped his birthplace. Finding and meeting one such criminal, Keth reacted. Lashing his arm outwards with a blade in hand, the pivotal point in Keth's life took place as the weapon collided with that of a Tiefling named Marix; Marix the mugger, the thief, the <i>murderer</i>. Being outmatched strike for strike, it was Amnithius who found and ended the confrontation in the back-allys of the city, thereby saving Keth a doom at the hands of one with Fiendish Blood. Marix escaped with one less limb than he had posessed earlier that day, and Keth left with his life, which was more than his recklessness had deserved. The Angel's pressence had been a blessing for more reasons than one.<br>

After saving the life of the young human, Amnithius grabbed Keth's arm and walked him towards the Industrial District, sharing a great many words with him along the way. They spoke of the divine, and of faith, and of what would guide the human man for many years to come. Amnithius shared his words of wisdom, teaching Keth that some battles are best not fought on one's own, to which Keth replied with stubborness, declaring his inability to stand by and witness the suffering of others. Perhaps it had been his own suffering that inspired him, or perhaps simlpy a good nature that he was born with, but regardless of the source, Keth beared much empathy and compassion. Upon discovering such a good-hearted nature, the Celestial Agathinon stopped in his tracks and walked no further. Amnithius turned to face Keth with the most serious of looks and told him, that which he needed to hear; he told him of Ilmater.<br>

Upon hearing the natuer of the Broken God, and upon hearing the Angel's military position on the Mount of Celestia in the House of the Triad, Keth wished for nothing more than to join the great creature in arms. With a great laugh and an apologetic stare, Amnithius denied the request of the young human, listing his heritage and youth as hinderances. Feeling sympathetic for him, though, the Celestial whispered to Keth,<br>

<i>"Establish yourself as a true Broken One, and for you shall be established a place in the House of the Triad".</i><br>

And with that, Amnithius finally released Keth's arm, having reached his apparent distination – an unremarkable door attached to an unremarkable wall. Opening the door, the Angel uttered <i>The Companions of the Golden Cup</i>, and forcefully pushed the human through. <br><br>

<b>The Prime:</b><br>

Appearing in the midst of a modest temple, Keth was stricken with a feeling of vertigo, stumbling to his feet, searching for the nearest man, woman, or creature. Soon realizing that the room was empty, the young man found the only door leading in or out of wherever he was, and found that it led into a larger chamber with two priests at the far end; Gloin and Indictus. The Ilmatari greated Keth with warm smiles and words, though Keth barely had the presence of mind to speak, and responding only by saying, <br>

<i>"I seek the… Order of the Golden Cup…"</i>.<br>

<i>"We are they, boy."</i> Came the priest's reaction.<br>

The days that would follow were not unlike the years that would follow thereafter. Keth joined the order without hesitation, slowly learning the ways of the Broken God, and of the knightly order that Amnithius had guided him towards. He showed promise with a blade, though exceptional skill with magic, and his presence as an acolyte to the order was welcomed with appreciation and acceptance, until those of higher rank began to display some concern at the boys progress.<br>

It become more and more apparent that not only did Keth progress more with magic than with steel, but that his magic was of an entirely different sort than he had been taught to begin with, and that he could hardly mantain control of it. Mistaking this for sheer recklessness and a disregard for proper training, Keth was offered to remain a member of the church, though no longer of the Order. However, Keth refused to accept the consequence outlined to him, and he stormed off to the West, travelling on foot, unwilling to give up on his aspirations of one day claiming his spot alongside Amnithius, whether in this life or the next. He vowed to, even if on his own, mould himself into a true Knight of Ilmater.<br>

Within the year, he took his first footstep through the Gate of the Sunderer, and into Sundren lands.<br><br>

<b>Recent History:</b><br>

<i>NEW CHARACTER:</i> No IG history as of this time.<br><br>

<b>Significant Relationships:</b><br>
<li><a href="">Hano Fetten</a> – The Paladin who directed Keth to his future in Sundren; the Temple of the Triumverate.<br><br></li>


Keth is an aspiring member of the Triumverate, dedicated to Ilmater.

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