Klenk, Kilinar

<b>Name:</b> Kilinar Klenk<br>
<b>Title(s):</b> Skullcleaver<br>
<b>Home/Location:</b> Mirabar/Silvery Moon'''<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Mirabar<br>
<b>Age:</b> 154<br>
<b>Race:</b> Shield Dwarf<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Male<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Azuth<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> LN<br>
<b>Hair Color</b> Dark<br>
<b>Eye Color</b> Grey<br>

A peculiar Dwarf by many standards, well spoken and well groomed Kilinar bares only a small trace of his Dwarven heritage's trademark accent. This is due to the fact that Kilinar (pronounced Kill-nar Clank)spent most of the earlier parts of his long life in league with a human wizzard that requested his apprentiship upon a visit with the Dwarf when he was a Dwarf of only 22 years. The wizards talents were easily able to awe the young, impressionable, and stubborn Dwarf. After refusing to leave back to Mirabar with the Dwarven trade caravan Kilinar remained in the company of the middle aged human wizard. The young Dwarf proved an able and sharp pupil.

For the next 36 years Kilinar remained a loyal friend to his human teacher until which time that the now elderly man deceased. Left to his own devices he continued his studies and lived in the predominantly human city of Lady Allustriel enjoying its many splendors and plentiful magics. Another thirty five years had passed and Kilinar, now nearing one hundred years in age found himself yearning for his own kind.

He joined a Caravan back to Mirabar and once returned was quick to earn back the trust of his friends even though he had changed so greatly. His fine suit of Mithral waited for him as he had left it and he pondered his ability to take back to some normalcy in his life of oddity. He dawned his armor and began practicing his spellcasting in the fine suite of armor. He remained in the city of Mirabar until reaching his 154th birthday, when he decided he had lived long and well enough in Mirabar and time had come for another change. He joined a caravan to the north as a wizard protector and upon arriving in Sundren, a valley ripe in adventure he decided to stay, atleast for the time being.


<b>Significant Relationships</b>

The Skullcleavers

<b>Miscellaneous Information:</b>

<li> Is an able smith of arms and armor</li>
<li> Is Capable of enchanting arms and armor</li>

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