<h1>House Lacroix</h1>

<b>Crest:</b> A blue lion rampant on a white field, flanked by crossed blades.<br>
<b>Motto:</b> "Duty and Honor Over All"<br>
<b>Relations:</b> Father house of <a href="">Kellridge</a>, loyal to Sundren State.<br>
<b>Head of Household:</b> Lord Lucius Lacroix<br>

The Lacroix family is one of the oldest families to come to Sundren, originating in Waterdeep. Calinus Heavyhand was born a commoner, and grew to be a powerful sellsword in the service of Waterdeep's first official ruler, Ahghairon. Calinus fought in the battles against the troll clans that sought to destroy the city, and supported Ahghairon against Warlord Rhaulor in his quest of expansion and conquer. Calinus himself was a extremely capable warrior, a trait that has been passed down through his family.

It is said that on the eve of the battle against the forces of Rhaulor who refused to give up after their leader's death, he spent hours fashioning a blade with a cross shaped tip designed to maim and dismember his foes, and break their blades. As the battle began Calinus roared his defiance against Rhaulor and his warriors, and was a veritable whirlwind of steel who killed at least one general by the day's end. As a reward, Ahghairon gave Calinus his knighthood and lordship.

Calinus chose the name 'Lacroix' as a reminder of the blade he used in his lord's defense as well as the two things he held most dear: duty and honor. Several hundred years later, Gaius Lacroix — second son of the Lacroix family in Waterdeep — along with many of his brethren was one of the many noble groups who joined Mundus in his quest for Sundren valley. Swearing loyalty to Mundus, he and his family grew to prosperity in the valley and have a heavy involvement in the Legion.

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