Lightbringer, Nulinus

Name: Nulinus Lightbringer
Title(s): Nulinus
Home/Location: Temple of helm/various inns
Birthplace: Lightbringer clanhold in the marching moountains near calimshan
Age: 129
Race: Gold dwarf
Gender: Male
Deity: Gorm Gulthyn
Alignment: Lawful good( Neutral good )

When you look at Nulinus, you see a scar running from the corners of his mouth to his ears. Nulinus apears to be a Gold dwarf with alook of worry on his face most of the time. He is ever concerned with the state of Gorm Gulthyn, his god, and his dying state. Though he is only one of the few who know of Gorms pathetic state, he wishes to help bring his lord back to life by becoming a Barokor, one who sheilds enemies from dwarven communities. Though he is far from home, becoming a Barakor would maybe remind the other dwarves in the land their vow to Gorm, and possibly another Thunder blessing wil save him.

Nulinus is not at all too strict, though he will uphold law. He is very kind and understanding to all he meets, until they are proven to be evil or unkind in nature, he would not spend his company with you. He is always willing to make new friends and smiles quite often. He is quite gullible and is easily swayed if he thinks it is for a good cause.

After his brothers attempted assassination of him( Ask in game ), Nulinus has become more wary of who he associates with, though he still finds it rather hard to not greet a friendly face with a hello. He is a stalwart companion and to some, a fine leader.

Faction(s): None

Significant Relationships:
<a href="">Cadmus</a>- almost like a second father to Nulinus
<a href="">Abbot Orlan Proskus</a>- Has been there for Nulinus in times of need.

Miscellaneous Information:
1. Very gullible
2. Very lenient for a paladin.

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