Lucas, Harper

Name: Lucas Harper <br>
Title(s): Priate <br>
Home/Location: The Sea <br>
Birthplace: Unknown <br>
Age: Early 20's <br>
Race: Human <br>
Gender: Male <br>
Deity: Respect them but doesn't follow one. <br>
Alignment: Unknown

A harty man who got all the looks in the family while his brother, Kennison Harper got all the Strength of his father but dont let that fool you into thinking that Lucas is weak. They came to this land looking for power, gold, and adventure. Skillful with his voice, he is able to sway people thoughts along with inspire those's around him to fight harder. Much is hidden about their pass life, though it seem even in the short amount of time they been in sundren, it all starting to come out.

Wanted by the law for the death of a Captian in the Dragon Coast and stolen goods.

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