Maia Nanethiel

<h1>General Information</h1>
<b>Name:</b> Maia Nanethiel<br>
<b>Title:</b> Hawkeye<br>
<b>Home/Location:</b> The Menacing Mariner Inn, Port Avantyr<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Moonvines, Moonwood<br>
<b>Age:</b> 128<br>
<b>Race:</b> Moon elf<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Female<br>
<b>Class:</b> Ranger (3)<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Solonor Thelandira<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> Chaotic Good<br>
<b>Abilities:</b> Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12

Maia, a sapphire-haired elven woman, is a ranger following the ways of Solonor Thelandira – the elf god of archery, hunting and wilderness survival. She is a fledgling adventurer newly come to Sundren and has yet to make her mark or show her mettle.



<h3>Physical Characteristics</h3>
<li> <b>Height:</b> 5'3"</li>
<li> <b>Weight:</b> 92 lbs</li>
<li> <b>Skin color:</b> Fair, blue-tinged</li>
<li> <b>Hair Color:</b> Sapphire Blue</li>
<li> <b>Hairstyle:</b> Long and straight, short tresses to each side of her face</li>
<li> <b>Eye Color:</b> Green, with golden flecks</li>

Maia is a strikingly beautiful Teu'Tel'Quessir female graced with fair skin tinged with icey blue towards her ear tips, chin and nose, as well as most bodily extremities. Her hair is a deeper blue – it's luster and shine like sapphire – worn flowing and long, except for two tresses framing each side of her face to keep bangs from falling into her eyes. She has the delicate facial features, elegant elongated ears and almond eyes distinctive to her race, with entrancing eyes that appear as flecks of gold dancing in pools of green. Maia has the graceful spritely frame of a dancer, the athletic muscle tone of one at ease with outdoor activities and, though looking as fresh as a human maiden just out of her teenage years, her youthful looks are betrayed by what could be called ageless wisdom.

Maia would stand as the archetypal ethereal elven beauty garbed in moonsilk and dancing in palaces, were it not of the chain armor, sword and bow she wears with accustomed ease; as well as the snug woodland garb and hooded cloak she dons as a concessions to Sundren's rainy weather.


Maia is optimistic, eager to explore what is to her the largely unknown Sundered Valley. Her experience with non-elves have her hold a generally friendly and outgoing stance with any she meet, with the curious and bold attitude of a fledgling adventurer. She has a firm belief in the championing the cause of good – while believing herself capable she has no illusion about the extent of her skill and is not too attached to the belief that most rangers must be dour loners, thinking that a ranger's unique talents can accomplish a lot more if used to support other people better able to confront the ills of the valley.

Maia's patron deity is Solonor Thelandira, titled the Great Archer, the Keen-Eye or the Forest Hunter. A god of the Seldarine (the elven pantheon), Solonor holds as his portfolio archery, hunting and wilderness survival.

Maia relates the most to him due to his teaching touching significantly on her values and her lifestyle, enough so for his goal to echo upon most of her desires, hope and ambitions. She admires the ideal of trying to maintain harmony between the wilds and the civilization, having seen Silverymoon as one such example of the wonders that can be possible through such a balance. Preserving the wilds and holding a hunter's wisdom and mercy towards prey is a duty she only finds natural as an elf, and she finds his teachings about choosing one's action carefully, for elves have long lives and some actions have have regretful consequences. An elf's lifespan being what it is, she considers it more than wise to try and burden it with regrets.

She holds reverence to the rest of the Seldarine, being fond of calling upon Sehanine Moonbow's aspect of Angharradh for protection or relief under duress, Rillifane Rallathil for when she needs less the skills of a hunter and more the aid of the forest. She also has a healthy bit of respect for Silvanus and Mielikki. She has, since her father was wounded and several friends killed, a deep seated dislike of Malar.


As a Solonoran ranger, Maia is axed toward performing with the stealth and alertness suitable to a hunter as well as the knowhow to survive in the wilds where most others cannot.

<h3>Combat Style</h3>
She is strongly dedicated to archery both in homage to her patron deity and to support the image of elves being famed for their preternatural skill with the bow.

<h3>Favored Enemy</h3>
Her time fighting against the Malarite, mostly human rangers and druids, sparked a dislike for humankind strong enough for her to study up on her enemy to understand it better, both in mindset and anatomy.

<br><center><i>The Distant Past</i></center>

Maia Nanethiel was born in Moonvines, a small elven village nestled in the Moonwood. Her parents, Jelenn and Berian, were two sentinels whom worked to keep their village safe from ill-intentioned intruders and the Moonwood has no shortage of opponents for the elves to fend off. Though their daughter had for the most part a blissful childhood during her first five-decades of life, the martial life her parents lead bled off on her and she learned early on of the importance of contributing to the well-being of her community and how people like her parent's vigilance helped in securing the happiness of the villagers.

Being useful, being able to protect her loved ones, being able to fight for the preservation of their forest-home… those were beautiful ideals to the elfgirl. Ideals that motivated her to go beyond play and games and to follow after her parents example, dedicating herself to the practice of the bow, to understanding the fauna and flora, to bond a bond with it and to be able to fight for it. She was not content to remain a protector and more a champion of her people, and for that reason she devoted most of her efforts into pursuing the ideals of Solonor the Forest Hunter instead of Rillifane the Leaflord, as her parents did.

<center><i>The Recent Past</i></center>

The beginning of Maia's career went to a rocky start as the People of the Black Blood, a loose grouping of Malar-worshiping tribes, predated upon the sylvan creatures of the Moonwood and made a strong push on her village that resulted in many wounded including her father and the death of elves she had known for more than a century. Seeing her people pressed so, Maia impetuously left for the Herald's Holdfast and begged Old Night, the High Herald, for assistance.

The High Herald had not the means to help confront the Malarites, only to stave off their intrusions thanks to her sanctuary's powerful magical defenses. She, however, wrote Maia a letter of introduction for the attention of High Marshall Methrammar Aerasumé and then teleported her to Silverymoon.

Her arrival to Silverymoon, vastly different and quite more cosmopolitant than her hometown, was bewildering. Still, she spared no time in contacting the High Marshall, with her letter speeding the process along considerably – apparently, Old Night had some clout. The High Marshall was not able to send his Argent Legion in a timely fashion to strike at the northern reaches of the Moonwood. He did, however, make a call for adventurers to come and assist the elves of Moonvines along with arranging for a member of the Spellguard to be able to teleport any whom whom join Maia in the vicinity of Claw Hollow, the stronghold of the Malarites.

A company of four experienced adventurers joined her: Aiden Eastwatch, Varis Oatroot, Melluin Ahmaquissar and Borogarl Devek. Lured either by the opportunity for accomplishing a good deed, the promise of gold or an opportunity to hone their skills; Maia lead them into Claw Hollow, where they fought their way where the People of the Black Blood laired and defeated their guardians and warchiefs, forcing the Malarites to curb their predations to recoup from those loses.

A defeat of the Malarites drew cheers of the elves of Moonvines and a feast was made in honor of the heroes. Their stay was short, however, as Varis had contracted lycanthropy during the fight and quick effort was required to combat the affliction.

<center><i>The Present</i></center>

Her bewildering search for assistance against the Malarites widened Maia's horizons and struck a cord in her, driving her to move beyond the branches of the evergreens, shadowtops, and duskwoods of her home to explore the wide world. She bade farewell to her kin and left, walking the roads, traveling along with caravans as a way to save up on the coin gifted to her by her relatives.

In Neverwinter, she heard of scrimshaw and knucklehead carving, and that interest in artistry sparked another interest in experiencing how life was closer to the North. By boat, she arrived to Sundren and foul weather prevented her from leaving. Seeing her funds on the decline, Maia decided to go and ply her trade – there seemed to be a need for the adventurous sort and she was more than happy to try and help out.

<li> None.</li>


<li> None.</li>

<li> <b>Aiden Eastwatch:</b> A skald from Ruathym and fervent singer of the praises of Tempus – Lord of Battle, Aiden lead the party of adventurers whom helped Maia stop the People of the Black Blood from further attacking Maia's village.</li>
<li> <b>Borogarl Devek:</b> A dwarven cleric of Moradin, Borogarl was the voice of reason in Aiden's party. A stout, dependable ally and a firm believer in the cause of good and served as the group's conscience.</li>
<li> <b>Varis Oakroot:</b> A taciturn wood elf ranger whom was a follower of Shevarash, he was quick to come to Maia's aid, despite the venture not involving fighting against any drow.</li>
<li> <b>Melluin Ahmaquissar:</b> A moon elf sorceress from Evermeet, a bit touched in the head thanks to some Nixie ancestor's blood coming on strongly in her puberty, granting her icy sorcerous powers.</li>
===Kin and Family===</ul>

<li> <b>Jelenn Nanethiel:</b> Maia's mother, a moon elf ranger worshiping Rillifane Rallathil. Her trade is that of guard and sentinel, around the perimeter of Moonvines.</li>
<li> <b>Berian Nanethiel:</b> Maia's father, a moon elf ranger and pious follower of Rillifane Rallathil.</li>

<h2>Miscellaneous Information</h2>
Maia was originally created in Febuary 2007, right after the first servervault wipe, and lasted until the second servervault wipe. Her existence was noteworthy for her being a strong champion of elvenkind whom was able to cobble together the faction known as the 'Council of Voices', encouraging the creation of an elven stronghold and having the elves considered a recognized political party by the Sundarian Government. Maia herself in the end was once Sundren's best archer and the highest-level ranger (level 17).

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