Name: Mathell
Title(s): Cleric of Kelemvor
Home/Location: Temple of Kelemvor, Sestra
Birthplace: N/A
Age: 23
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Patron Deity: Kelemvor
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

An unremarkable man, standing at a rough 5'10 to 6 foot.
His face is unshaven and worn, lips chapped and his eyes sunken.
What is remarkable after this, however, is that Mathell despite his haggard appearance maintains some fleeting attractiveness. His pale green eyes hold a sharp, to-the-point look about them and his figure is well trained with a swordsman's accustomed grace.

He exists and resides within his armor.
Black platemail adorned with skulls and symbols of his god, Kelemvor, Mathell is most and generally only comfortable within the safety of his dark raiment.

To his side lays prominently displayed the jewel of his possessions and the prize of his adventuring life. The Blade of Final Rest, a potent enchanted bastard sword, it serves as his utmost tool for undead hunting. Mathell's preferred occupation.


An orphan of uncertain origins and cause, Mathell remembers very little of his childhood outside of the temple. A shunned street rat for the earliest portion of his life, it remains a mystery of how he survived until being adopted into the Kelemvorite church at the trifling age of six.
An incredulous meeting between the boy and a passing Doomguide in the outskirts of Neverwinter City, led to the beginning of Mathell's life in faith.
Awe-inspired by the priest's valiant words, gentle touch and [i]heroic[/i] outfitting, an impression was cast into the child's mind that would not soon leave it. An eager acolyte thereafter in a temple along the northern Swordcoast, Mathell proved to be an odd example of Kelemvor's faithful.

When misfortune struck outlying hamlets in way of disease surrounding his first temple, Mathell watched in morbid appreciation as his mentor and fellow acolytes saw to playing both sides of the spectrum. To soothe the pains of one marked as a survivor, and skilfully end the existence of another considered to be a lost cause.
A marring, learning experience for the acolyte.
As sickness was slowly culled, a considerable threat was made in it's place.
Kelemvor's faithful, slowed by their lack of numbers and caught outside of news' ways for too long, left the over viewing of neighboring graveyards to less respectful hands. Incompetent or uncaring keepers saw a terrible turn as worries of illness had begun to die in their homes. Undead, mortified and angered by improper burial and neglecting services, rose to haunt their resting places.

When news reached the small, out manned temple, the tale of said undead had far escalated past it's true turn. Much in need of a messenger to request the services of another temple, potentially a stationary Doomguide someways out, Mathell quickly volunteered for the task.
Fourteen at the time accompanied by a fellow trainee, he left his temple's somber halls with dreams of greater escapades filling his mind.
They have not left to date.

From his first time as a messenger, Mathell quickly found the road suited his tastes better than the simple everyday lifestyle of a priest.
When the chance arose for him to accompany a wandering cleric of the temple he had previously requested aid from, he leaped at the offer.
Nearing twenty three now, he has continued the lifestyle of a roadside wanderer and devout of Kelemvor in that way. From a messenger to Undead Hunter, he until very recently shunned the common day tasks of his faith for more interesting pursuits. Many wonder when reality will catch up with the young man's dreams of glory and conquest, as he shows few signs of catching up with it.

Faith speaks for the entirety of Mathell's being.
Faith in his god, Kelemvor, faith in His judgment and the uttermost faith in his own ability to dispense it.
Striking many as a reserved, uninterested character, such is surprisingly not true. Though often taciturn in his dealings with others, Mathell holds an overwhelming desire to prove himself and increase his own realm of influence.
He does not hesitate to speak out, and passionately so, should it offer some gain to himself. A gain he fully considers as being one to his church in whole.
A selfish often vain outlook on the world as considered by others, Mathell prides himself however on his selfless character and stalwart actions against those who oppose his faith. A sign of immaturity at it's best, there exists however some truth still in his own beliefs towards himself.
He would, for instance, gladly sacrifice himself for the betterment of his own temple.. But then he would all the more so gladly sacrifice a dozen others for the same.

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