Mirumoto Akagi


Name: Mirumoto Akagi</blockquote>

Title(s): Samurai
Home/Location: Currently at the Red Blade HQ
Birthplace: Shou Lung
Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Deity: None (Follows the "Way of the Sword")
Alignment: LG

Mirumoto Akagi is a samurai of the famed Akagi family that serves the Celestial Emperor in Shou Lung. Mirumoto has always been a bit of a wild one in his family, but it was beaten out of him at an early age. His strict training regiment left him with no time for fun, and instilled within him a firm sense of honor and duty to his family. He can crack a smile when with friends every so often, but one has to make sure they keep their eyes open or they might miss it.<br>

He has a taste for fine sake, but never allows it to come between him and his duty and honor. He serves his family with a clear and tempered mind, always making sure that he keeps to his own code of Bushido. He cannot stand ignorant fools who follow orders blindly without regard to their own personal code of ethics.<br>

Relations between Faerun and Shou Lung have always been rather cordial, but the Celestial Emperor decided to send Mirumoto as a sign of good faith to the emerging nation of Sundren. Once here, he was placed within the Red Blades and assigned to protect and learn from Vaer himself in the defense of Sundren. Once assigned to Vaer however, Vaer grinned and told the young samurai to go forth and learn from the land and its people. Mirumoto therefore is assigned shifts when defending his lord Vaer.<br>


* Red Blades

Significant Relationships:

* None

Miscellaneous Information:

* Loves to take care of his blades
* Loves good sake
* Hates to leave his lord Vaer alone, even when commanded by Vaer himself.

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