PRESTIGE CLASS: This class is not available at character creation and must be unlocked by meeting special requirements, listed below.

A Sentinel is a skilled warden with powers to shield others from harm and react to danger with equal parts focus and fury. While bodyguard by title, the Sentinel’s abilities aren’t strictly defensive; they are trained to kill swiftly, not to endlessly absorb punishment until more help arrives. Sentinels come from all walks of life, though the job is most suited for fighters, rangers, paladins, rogues, and monks who have the necessary mix of martial prowess and combat reflexes.

*A character can achieve a maximum of 5 levels in the Sentinel prestige class.*



To qualify to become one of the Neverwinter Nine, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

    • Base Attack Bonus: +6

    • Feats: Lightning Reflexes

Class Skills


The class skills of a Sentinel are:

    • Concentration

    • Craft Alchemy

    • Craft Armor

    • Craft Trap

    • Craft Weapon

    • Diplomacy

    • Heal

    • Intimidate

    • Listen

    • Lore

    • Search

    • Spot

    • Parry

Class Features


Base Attack Bonus Progression: High

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Hit Dice: D8

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Sentinel do not gain additional proficiencies in either weapon nor armor skills.

Protective Aura: At 1st level, Sentinels gain an aura that grants +2 to all saving throws, +1 deflection bonus to armor class for all allies within 10 feet. This bonus does NOT apply to the Nine, only to their allies. At 4th level, this bonus increases to +3 saving throws, +2 deflection bonus, and the protection extends to allies within 15 feet.

Guarding the Lord: Beginning at 2nd level, Sentinels can protect one selected ally within 30 feet. This protection acts as the shield other spell cast at the Nine’s character level. The only difference with the spell is that the target only takes 30% damage (instead of 50%), and the Sentinel takes half the initial damage rounded down (instead of the remaining). This ability can be used three times per day.

Frantic Reactions: At 3rd level, Sentinels can rush across the battlefield and defeat the enemies plaguing their allies. This translates to a 10% increase in movement speed, +2 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity provoked by movement and +2d6 sneak attack damage.

All-Out Assault: At 5th level, Sentinels can concentrate for a round and focus their strength, making all of their melee attacks for the next three rounds inflict maximum damage. However, at the end of each of these three rounds, the Nine takes 10 points of damage from the incredible strain. This ability can be used once per day.

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