Prakt, Ise

Name: Ise Prakt

Title(s): None. Nicknamed the Snow Crow by superstitious Dalers

Home/Location: Wanders the valley of Sundren

Birthplace: Termalaine, Icewind Dale

Age: 44

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Deity: Loviatar, formerly Tempus

Alignment: CE, formerly NG


Born a farmer's boy in the ruggedly beautiful yet war-tested town of Termalaine, second northernmost of settlements that make up the Ten Towns. Growing up to become a honourable and strong young man, he was obedient and disciplined, aways eager to partake in the daily labours of the family farmstead ever since his early years. In 1351, Termalaine was beseiged by the barbarian forces of Heafstaag, bent on conquering all of the Ten Towns in one fell swoop. Ise, eager to test his mettle, joined with the local militia to repel the invaders, successfully so. After peace was restored, he returned to the calm routines of his home a quieter man. He would soon marry the neighbouring farmer's daughter, whom would in time give birth to their child, a spirited little girl they named Isabel. Ise would unsurprisingly turn out to be a devoted and caring husband and father, and with wife and child he would enjoy an idyllic life for the next 5 years. Then disaster struck. A feud had gotten out of hand between Termalaine and the neighbouring town of Targos, and Ise's farm along with many others were burned to the ground in the dead of the night by a group of Targosmen. Ise, fully half a century later, was often still plagued at night by horrific memories of his battles against Heafstaag's army, and was at this hour, as countless times before, having a stroll in the nearby woods, cooling off and contemplating on the lives he had taken. As the town horns blew strong, sounding the alarm, it was already too late. Ise could do nothing to save his wife and daughter, who had been horribly burned to death still in their beds. He despaired, falling to his knees and joining the other townsfolk in their pleas to get their loved ones back. The difference was, his had been heard. Or perhaps the cries of the others did not fall on deaf ears either, only that they were not foolish enough to heed the answer. Call it folly or love. The Maiden of Pain, Loviatar, had kept Her eyes and ears on Termalaine this fateful night, and with Her Ise had bargained for his Isabel's return. The bargain was this : Bring enough pain and suffering to the people of the Ten Towns and beyond, indeed as much hell as you now experience yourself, Ise, and you will feel your daughter's heart beat against your own once more. In the state he was in, he could not acknowledge much of a choice. With Targos to feel his wrath first of all, he would start on a murdering romp throughout the Ten and all Icewind Dale, cutting down those with some manner of fortunate in their life, be it love or other, that stood in his way. The townsfolk would soon speak of the Snow Crow with great dread, a nickname chosen due to Ise's victims often being picked clean to the bone. Not by Ise, but by the cloud of crows that eventually came to haunt his every step. During the harsher seasons of the Dale sustainance for these creatures could be exceedingly difficult to come by, and so once they had learnt that food would be plentiful wherever he trod, crows and Ise became an inevitable part of each other's lives. Truly these beasts would more often than not be the only company Ise would share for the next two decades. Eventually patrols along the roads and hills near civilization began to increase in number, and to know what to look for. They called themselves the Bird Pluckers and boastingly claimed to rid Icewind Dale of it's murderous thorn. Ise barely escapes with his life from an encounter with one such patrol, and flees into the Spine of the World. By chance he soon stood before the gate of the Sunderer, and with a heavy heart, the desperate longing for his Isabel crying out from behind muffled layers of insanity, like the paddings of an asylum cell, he sets off into pastures new.


None, formerly Termalaine Militia

Significant Relationships:

Isabel : His long lost daughter. The hope of seeing her again is all that keeps him from destroying himself. The fire still burns deep inside of him, although flickering in the darkness.

Crows : Posseses an affinity and understanding towards all crows, developed over the long years of sharing their company.

Miscellaneous Information:

Will often mimic the crows' cry when conversed to or in battle. He is an immense man, standing well over 7 feet with an incredibly muscular build. Has bright blonde hair with a full beard, and light blue eyes. Can be recognized by his antlered helmet, and his massive claymore.

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