Sehron Dy'ner

Name: Sehron Dy'ner<br>

Titles: "Hey you, put that back!"<br>

Home/Location: Sundren City and the Viridale Forest<br>

Birthplace: Silverymoon<br>

Age: 122<br>

Race: Moon Elf<br>

Gender: Male<br>

Deity: The Seldarine, Sehanine Moonbow primarily<br>

Alignment: Chaotic Good<br>

Sehron was the youngest child born to Amakiir and Aravilar Dy’ner. Aravilar was a predominate Conjurer in Silverymoon and Amakiir was a notable Priestess of Sehanine. Caelreth, Sehron’s older brother, spent a great deal of time with his father studying the ways of the weave. Sehron had other gifts, he was adept at taking things apart and would often get in trouble for being in places he wasn’t suppose to be.

Aravilar had been given a task to find new ways to combat Demons and Devils. As he studied, his lust for power grew. His curiosity gave away to temptation and he began looking into devils as a source to make his magic stronger. He found a ritual, but it required the use of innocent souls, which Aravilar happened to have under his own roof.

Aravilar put his two children into a deep trance. He took a silver dagger and carved the necessary Infernal runes on their upper bodies. As the two young elves came to, he began the summoning. The wizard hadn’t been as thorough as he had hoped. A great Devil, who called himself Raktavir was brought into the room. He looked first to Sehron and then Caelreth, he began to drain the life from Caelreth first, turning his hair white and draining his blue skin to a dull grayish brown. The devil stopped short of killing the child. Both were thrown from the table and hit the wall with such force that the sound of breaking ribs could be heard. The children slumped to the floor, beaten and bloodied; Raktavir turned to Aravilar and in one great motion, plunged his fist through the conjurer. The children lost consciousness. When they awoke, there were no signs of the devil, and what was left of their father was barely recognizable.

Amakiir found her two children in dire condition. She quickly did what she could to heal their wounds, but the Infernal writings on their bodies were scarred permanently in the skin. Understanding that the authorities might try to confine the children and blame her, Amakiir took her children and fled. They spent three decades on the run. Sehron learned to sneak around and “obtain” food and coin through less than legal means. The Infernal magic had a different effect on Caelreth. His mind was wracked with confusion and he began to develop strange and dark powers. However, when you fight the law, the law usually wins.

The guards caught up to the Dy’ners in a small farm on the Sword Coast. They took all of them back to Silverymoon. Amakiir was charged and convicted of assisting her husband with diabolic rituals, and was imprisoned. The two children were taken by the Helmite church, much against the wishes of the Seldarine Temple.
It wasn’t long before the two brothers escaped the Helmites. Caelreth was able to stow him and his brother, Sehron, away on a ship that was headed to a newly found settlement called Sundren. Caelreth eventually traveled back to the Marches, but Sehron still remains in Sundren.

<b>Recent History:</b><br>
In the past few months of his life, Sehron has met up with a young human woman named Yashia. Traveling with Yashia has tamed many of his old habits, though he is still an accomplished scout and locksmith. Through similar means he has come to the aid of the Helmites, the very group that would like to have him back in Silverymoon.

Sehron is a pleasant looking moon elf. His hair is dark blue and usually kept in a pony tail. He has green eyes that are often hidden beneath a rather ridiculous looking wide brimmed hat. His skin is a light bluish grey. He isn’t very tall, standing only 5’ 1” and weighing a mere 95 lbs. He is lean and quick, even by elven standards

Sehron’s personality isn’t easy to pin down. He seems careful but has a streak of unpredictability. He can be very quick witted and seem rude, but to those close to him, he is a kind soul and a good friend. He is prone to mood swings and often will wander off. He is at home in the streets of Sundren or the Viridale, wherever he feels like being at any given time.

Sehron is a follower of the Seldarine. He can be a bit clueless on the Deities of humans and often has to be educated on which God does what.


<b>Significant Relationships:</b><br>
<li> <a href="">Yashia Jadysvarion</a>: Originally his views of this human were dim, but after traveling with her he found himself drawn to her. She has become his closest and constant companion.</li>
<li> <a href="">Lauan Tissle</a>: A young former slave who shares her secrets with Sehron, though he isn’t always sure why.</li>
<li> <a href="">Hano Fetten</a>: Hano is more of an ally than a friend. The two constantly disagree on almost every subject. Sehron believes Hano to be an over zealous jerk, and Hano thinks Sehron unpredictable if not dangerous.</li>
<li> There are many others, but they shall remain nameless. The best defense against an enemy is an unknown ally, and Sehron has several of these people. He has a constant ear on what goes on about Sundren.</li>

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