Skald, Eira

<b>Name:</b> Eira Skald<br>
<b>Home/Location:</b> Wherever the north wind takes her (Normally Exigo Trading camp)<br>
<b>Birthplace:</b> Undisclosed<br>
<b>Age:</b> 24<br>
<b>Race:</b> Human<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Female<br>
<b>Deity:</b> Auril<br>
<b>Alignment:</b> not disclosed<br>

Eira is blessed with a cold beauty, sharp well-proportioned and striking blue-white eyes.

For the first few days after her arrival she remained quiet and pensive about the Sundren lands sitting quietly around the camps, she quickly grew in confidence, and began travelling with larger and stronger groups and trying to fit in with the people she met.

Eira has been known to drink heavily from time to time, her preference for strong spirits that have led her to some unfortunate outbursts and actions.

She claims to be a favoured or chosen child of Auril, although her actions have been seemingly good-natured, if occasionally mercenary, so far. From her drunken tales she was originally one of three ‘sisters’ who were travelling to Sundren but she became separated from during an unfortunate encounter with a group of clerics and angry villagers. She’s always remained quite on the reason for the villagers anger but has loudly stated it was unjust, uncalled for and a pious reaction to a misunderstanding.

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