Sonsaku Fujisawa

Name: Sonsaku "Sunny" Fujisawa<br>
Title(s): none<br>
Home/Location: The Bloodfeather Acadamy<br>
Birthplace: Kara-Tur<br>
Age: 30<br>
Race: Halfling<br>
Gender: Female<br>
Deity: Undisclosed<br>
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral<br>

Sunny was rescued by Verity Bloodfeather, along with her brother, from a raid by the Warlord Mitsukita.

Significant Relationships:

* Hakafu Fujisawa, Brother

Miscellaneous Information:<br>
Sunny is a wild one. She is proud and yet has some very deep rooted self-esteem issues. When her brother was sent away to a monestary, she was crushed and became adverarial with just about everyone. When he returned a few years later this shifted to him. She has a need to prove herself as a competant warrior all to show her brother. She still loves her brother fiercely, but thinks that he abandoned her and that she no long needs his protection.

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