Sorcerer Bloodlines


Abyssal Bloodline


1 – Strength of the Abyss – At level 1 you gain 5/- resistance to Lightning, and a +4 bonus to saves against poison. At 9th level this resistance increases to 10/- and you gain a +2 inherent bonus to strength. This becomes +4 at 13th level sorcerer, and +6 at 17th level.

6 – Abyssal Hordes – All Abyssal summons, or those with the fiendish template, brought forth via Summon Monster gain +2 attack and damage reduction 5/good when summoned by you. The Damage Reduction increases to 10/good at level 14. Beginning at level 10 whenever you summon an abyssal creature, or with the fiendish template, you also summon one additional creature of the same kind.

20 – Demonic Might – At 20th level, the power of the Abyss flows through you. You gain immunity to electricity and poison. You also gain resistance to acid 10, cold 10, and fire 10, and gain the telepathy feat (functions as a sending).

Arcane Bloodline


3 – Finger on the Weave – You are more connected to the weave than the average wizard or sorcerer and gain Empower Spell free at level 3. You gain maximize spell at level 8 and Quicken spell at 14..

10 – Soulfire – You are more adept at shaping the weave, and gain +1 DC on all spells at level 10. This increases to +2 at level 16. This bonus stacks with School focuses.

20 – Arcane Apotheosis – Your Arcane Blood grants you unprecedented access to the weave. Gain Improved Empower, Maximize and Quicken Spell feats.

Celestial Bloodline


1 – Heavenly Fire – Targeted spell that deals 1d6 divine damage per two levels to evil targets (2x to undead), or heals 1d6 per two levels to non-evil targets. 5-round cooldown.

3 – Celestial Resistance – Gain resist acid 5 and resist cold 5. At 9th level, your resistances increase to 10 and at 16th level this increases to 15/-.

10 – Saintly Grace – gain an 20 ft aura that grants allies +2 sacred bonus to AC and Saves round/level.

18 – Mass Heal – Once per day at the 18th level you may cast Mass Heal.

20 – Celestial Ascendant – Sprout angelic wings, increasing movement speed. Also gain immunity to Fear/Petrification, and resistance 10/- Electrical and Fire.

Draconic Bloodline


1 – Draconic Resistance – You gain elemental resistance 5 to the selected element; increasing to 10 at 8th level, 15 at 14th level.

3 – Breath of the Wyrm – Elemental type based on Dragon color selected. Unleash a cone attack that deals 1d8/ two levels of that element to all targets in range. Increases in size at 16th level. This ability has a 1-minute cooldown.

10 – Ancient Scales – Gain +2 constitution and natural armor, increasing to +4 at level 18.

20 – Birthright – Gain +4 to saves vs paralysis and charm effects, blindsense, and +2 Charisma. Additionally, you sprout draconic wings that increase movement speed and Immunity to the element chosen.

Infernal Bloodline


3 – Blood of the Hells – You have 5/- resistance to fire, acid, and cold, and +2 bonus to diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, sense motive. The bonuses increase to +3 at 8th level, +4 at 13th level, and +6 at 18th level.

6 – Infernal Persuasion – At 6th level you gain +2 DC on all Enchantment spells,

10 – Hellfire Domination – You call upon a column of burning Hellfire that deals 1d6 + Sorcerer level magic energy damage, and the target must make a will save or be dominated for 1d4 + CHA rounds. 5 Minute cooldown.

15 – Devil Sight – at level 15 you gain darkvision and blindsight.

20 – Power of the Pit : At 20th level, your form becomes infused with vile power. You gain immunity to poison. You also gain resistance to fire 10, acid 10, and cold 10 and gain a dark aura that saps the saves of all in range by 2 (Aura of Despair).

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