Sundren Laws

<h1>Sundren System of Law</h1>
Sundren is a land of laws and religions, its jurisprudence heavily influenced by the teachings of the Helmite clergy — oftentimes swayed by practical concerns of the church of Waukeen — and its judiciary tempered with the justice of Tyr, with a smidgen of Ilmater's mercy at times.

The degree of enforcement varies throughout the valley state, and the fairness of the legal system overall is adequate, if unexceptional, relative to the rest of the Realms. Still, it is because of Sundren's sound governance and effective laws that the people of the valley may sleep sound at night in their homes.

As with all places of the era, enforcement of the law is more often than highly dependent upon expediency, practical relevance, and convenience. For instance, petty thugs roaming in the backstreets may receive limited spotlight from law enforcement, but murderous bandits in the heart of a Sundarian marketplace would likely be dealt with swiftly and harshly, where one may expect the enforcers of law to take on the combined role of judge and executioner.

This is an age where legal loopholes are a privilege for the powerful, exceptional clauses tools of the resourceful. Sundren deals with internal unrest with little tolerance, by means of severe consequences. Eloquent lawyers will not save common lawbreakers, nor will petty bribes shake the dedication of the judiciary. Let them be warned who dance on the precipice of breaching the law, for the eye of Helm watches, and the punishment of Tyr just.

<h2>State Laws and Town Ordinances</h2>
<a href="">Study</a> the current laws and ordinances of Sundren.

<h2>Recent Ordinances</h2>
<a href="">Anderson Act</a>

<a href="">Vellik Act</a>

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