Talontoe, Umogian

<h3>Umogian Talontoe</h3>

<b>Player:</b> AsuraKing

<b>Title(s):</b> Sacred-Talon (to-be)

<b>Birthplace:</b> Chult

<b>Race:</b> Halfling (strongheart)

<b>Gender:</b> Male

<b>Patron Deity:</b> Ubtao

<b>Class:</b> monk/cleric/to-be sacred fist

<b>Age:</b> 37

<b>Alignment:</b> LN

<b>Physical Features/Appearance:</b>

Umogian is a little taller than the average halfling and appears to be in much better physical shape than others as well. His hair and eyes are both jet black and his skin a dark brown. Around his neck is always a symbol of Ubtao hanging from a beaded necklace.


Umogian is much lazier than the average halfing and extremely lazy for a monk. The only time he ever gets up off his lazy ass is in order to train so that he can train and become stronger.


Raised in a hidden monastery deep in the jungles of Chult, Umogian trained under his master learning the teachings of Ubtao and the style of the hidden raptor. For centuries the monastery had been at war with the Yuan-ti in the jungle, both sides fighting for their own cause, the Yuan-ti for their claimed territory and the monastery for survival.

One night while taking a nap in his favorite tree by the monastery Umogian woke to the sounds of screams and the clash of metal. By the time Umogian got back to the monastery it was too late, the surprise attack of the Yuan-ti had caught the monastery by total surprise. All of Umogian's brother and sisters lay slaughtered by the Yuan-ti, not a single person survived, or at least no one he could see. Having no other place to go, Umogian ran as fast as he could to the closest town over ten miles away, adrenaline flowing through his veins knowing that at any moment something could pop out and attack him.

Upon arrival at the port town Umogian collapsed at the front gate. Local priests brought him to the temple and set him in a cot. For the next two days he slept, screaming from nightmares and tossing and turning from the terror he witnessed the other day. When he finally woke, he vowed to one day avenge his brothers and sisters, but in order to do so he would need to get stronger, and he new if he stayed in Chult he would be too tempted to try and fight the Yuan-ti when still weak. So that day Umogian hopped aboard the fist ship leaving the port, one heading off to the far away land of Sundren.

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