Tamryn Jorandur

<B>Name:</b> Tamryn Jorandur

<B>Title(s):</b> Favored of Torm, Noble Judicator

<B>Affiliation:</b> Temple of the Triumvirate

<B>Birthplace:</b> Procampur

<B>Age:</b> 23

<B>Race:</b> Human

<B>Gender:</b> Female

<B>Patron Deity:</b> Torm

<B>Physical Features:</b> Nearly albino; pale skin, white hair, very light blue eyes. Taller and more strongly built than average.

<B>Early History</B>

Born to Marik and Eileen Jorandur, minor nobility in the city of Procampur, Tamryn had a sheltered, stable and generally happy upbringing. As the third daughter in a total of five siblings, she had very little of family wealth or obligation passing down to her, although her parents insisted that she be trained in a wide variety of noble niceties as well. In school, she was an avid and bright student, if not brilliant, and performed at a level just above what her parents considered 'acceptable.'

Her father was a knight in the service of a superior noble house, House Meridius, and tales of his doings inspired young Tamryn to seek out a weapons trainer. Marik openly approved, and though her mother worried, knew that forbidding Tamryn to train with a professional meant that she'd just take up with some lowlife street scum instead. And so it was that House Meridius' armsmaster took up her training. Although no natural prodigy to the ways of the sword, Tamryn's will and desire to learn was formidable. By the time she reached the Vastian age of accountability, Tamryn was a good match for any of her father's retainers.

This didn't satisfy her, though. Frustrated by the lack of real opportunities for combat other than the Watch, she joined up with an adventuring company, taking a suit of family ceremonial armor and a greatsword that had been gifted to her father by an elven friend of the family. Her skill at arms helped her companions clear out several marauding groups of orcs, bugbears and similar nuisances. Emboldened by their success, the company left the Vast and headed west towards the Sword Coast. This is, to date, the last time she has seen her family.

Perhaps the hand of fate was at work in a tavern, one evening, when the rumor of an Orb of Dragonkind lost in the Spine of the World came to the humble company, staying in an inn just south of Luskan.

Perhaps it was luck…

<B>Recent History</b>

As the adventuring company pushed into the Spine, the weather took a sudden and violent turn. A storm sprang up, a blizzard so intense that the adventurers were separated from each other. And then, the winter wolves came…

Tamryn lay pinned under the carcass of a slain wolf, listening to the screams of the others as they died, one after the other. The snow covered her, and by all rights she should have perished with them. Something else was at work, though, and when a looting group from the Kurz Cartel discovered her after the storm, she was inexplicably still alive, though unconscious. The bandits stripped her of her armor and weapons and left her to die in the lower reaches of the Spine, but something protected her.

She awoke, strangely untroubled by the cold although everything told her that she should have frozen to death. Naked and hungry, she staggered down into the valley, coming across a kindly group of adventurers near the Exigo Trading Post that took her in, fed her, and listened to her story.

In the following weeks, Tamryn began to discover that something had changed on the mountainside. She could now manifest divine magic, and did so sometimes without thinking. The grace of her protector also seemed to shield her from extremes of heat and cold, allowing her to endure nearly any environment. At last, she discovered the true nature of the change, and began to pay homage in earnest to the god that wrought it — Torm.

Tamryn became a servant and eventually champion for the Temple of the Triumvirate, challenging and defeating several enemies of the faith in single combat. She also led early efforts to unify good-hearted adventurers under the Triumvirate's banner, though they met with mixed results. The deeper politics of Sundren began to draw her in as the Hand of Mundus expressed interest both in her and in her lover, Kaldaris Kelenvale. She played a role in the Sindron project and in the ensuing brawl between the Right and Left Hands.

However, Tamryn's contentment with her station and with Kaldaris' companionship could not last. Both of them were called to an urgent summons in the city of Silverymoon, where a nest of dangerous cultists had been discovered. Though Tamryn remains tight-lipped on what happened, the absence of Kaldaris at her side and her renewed loathing of the Lower Planes provide some indication of the trials that separated them.

<b>The Present</b>

In quiet mourning for Kaldaris, but determined to see her adopted homeland made safe, Tamryn returned to Sundren and the Temple of the Triumvirate. She found the reputation of Torm and the Temple in good hands, and now seeks to aid the new allies and devotees of the Triumvirate in their war against the Black Hand's spreading influence. As her recent involvement in the capture of the man once known as Landaren shows, there is more than enough work to go around.

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