Tellesian Tel'Dorian

<a href="">Tel'Dorian, Tellesian</a>
Name: Tellesian Tel'Dorian
Class: Ranger
Primary Residence: Anywhere in Viridale
Birthplace: Undisclosed
Age: Somewhere between 200 – 300 years
Race: Wood-Elf
Gender: Male
Deity: Silvanus
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

No one knows where Tellesian comes from. He "appeared" in the Viridale and has been roaming this wilderness for years.

Recent History:
Tellesian is one of the only rangers that had to kill in the Druid Glade. He killed a pack of rabid wild elves, in self defense of course. He is currently trying to find out what is tainting the Viridale.

Significant Relationships:

He has no declared allegiances.


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