The Hands of Mundus


The Hands of Mundus, also known simply as "The Hands" were present before Sundren was a city state. When the great wizard Mundus strolled into the valley, he brought with him his two closest friends who he would commonly refer to as his left and right hands, in recognition of their worth to him. They together, with his blessings, formed the Hands. Following a nasty falling out after the death of Mundus and their differing view on how things should be run, the order was forever separated into two halves with members following one of the two leaders. The two hands struggle ceaselessly to assume full control of the order of elite magi, and to prove their interpretation of Mundus' will is correct.


After Mundus' death of old age in 1230 both the Right and Left Hands were close friends and colleagues. Unfortunately this was not to last. Mundus left behind a large tome to his advisors and the Right and Left Hand on how Sundren should be run. Disagreements occurred over the interpretation of this tome, and each Hand had their own personal philosophies they believed to be right.

The Right Hand believed Mundus' words should be followed to the letter, and that magic should be rigorously controlled and watched to protect against misuse. The Left Hand believed that the spirit of the tome should be followed, since not every topic was well documented and time had changed things; he also insisted that magi should have the freedom to research and explore magic without limits, from necromancy to divination, in order to improve themselves and Sundren.

The arguments continued and intensified over more than a decade, with disagreements occurring over how Mundus would want them to govern Sundren and magic. Then, 15 years after the death of Mundus, something transpired between the Hands that forever tore them apart. The conflict between the two grew violent, and an all out war occurred between the men and their followers. Hundreds from each side lost their lives during one very bloody day, and the tower that once served as a testament to Mundus was destroyed in the bedlam.

The original tower was later rebuilt as two, with the Tomb of Mundus residing between them. Each Hand resides at the top of their tower. They are never seen outside their chambers, and permit few visitors.

<h2>Base(s) of Operations</h2>
Decstrum, The White Tower of the Right
Sinistrum, The Black Tower of the Left

<h2>Leadership/People of Note</h2>
<li> Right Hand (Leader of the Right Hand organization)</li>
<li> Left Hand (Leader of the Left Hand organization)</li>
<li> Rismal (Main representative of the Right Hand)</li>
<li> Jurai (Main representative of the Left Hand)</li>
<li> Mizrhai (Lower representative of the Right Hand)</li>

== Objectives ==
To uphold Mundus' will, ensure the survival of Sundren, and to promote magic use.

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