The Northern Watch



The main military order of Avanthyr. Honorable defenders and diplomats that work on the behalf of the Port and serve as a large part of their military might in the event that Avanthyr needs defending.

Location: Avanthyr

Typical Member Traits:

  • Generally – but not limited to – knights, clerics, and diplomats
  • Strong sense of duty, loyalty, and faith
  • Typically lawful or good aligned



The Northern Watch has grown from the small order of knights headed by Esmond Aurelianus into a full military force stationed within Avanthyr. While by no means as numerous as either Sestra’s military forces nor the Legion, the Northern Watch serve as heavy cavalry to Avanthyr’s own corpsmen by acting as both diplomatic emissaries as well as wartime commanders. As it was founded by an Aurelianus, so too does the family hold sway as the Grandmasters of the Watch. Their lands moved to Avanthyr in the wake of the declaration of independence, the Aurelianus family has headed the Avanthyr military forces since the Day of Broken Blades.

The Watch houses many minor nobility and religiously inclined warriors, but by no means is it restricted to carrying a blade and riding a horse. The Watch officially accepts all members of good-aligned churches and unaffiliated worshipers, though the most common patron deities are Helm, Tyr, and Torm. The Northern Watch is led first by its Grandmaster and second by its Council of Three. This council is an honored replica of the Companions of the Radiant Heart’s Prelates, listing its most senior elected knights to fulfill the position upon the death of a councilman.

The Watch Grandmaster answers to the Council of Ten during times of peace. During times of war, the Grandmaster has complete control of both the Watch and the Meriadoc naval forces, which are in turn kept in check by the state inquisitors.

Base(s) of Operations


Port Avanthyr, Northern Watch Keep



The Northern Watch’s chief objective is the security of Port Avanthyr; senior watch members are often called upon to assist in military and diplomatic strategy.

The Watch is not a policing force within the city itself. Crime and law-breaking are left to the city guard.


  • Grandmaster
  • Seneschal
  • Knight Commander
  • Knight Errant
  • Under Marshal
  • Sergeant Brother
  • Man-at-Arms
  • Squire
  • Page

Timeline/Historical Events of Note

  • 1389 – Avanthyr formally achieves independence, supported by the Northern Watch.
  • 1423 – Leadership of the Northern Watch passes to Bartholomew Seaworth as Esmond Aurelianus abdicates his position.
  • 1428 – A scandal sees Grandmaster Seaworth step down. The title of Grandmaster passes to Esmond’s granddaughter, Esme.
  • 1433 – Esme elevates Seaworth to the Watch’s Council of Three, much to the surprise of the rest of the order.

Leadership/People of Note


Grandmaster Esme Aurelianus, the Sword of Avanthyr

Granddaughter to Lord Esmond Aurelianus, Esme carries on her grandfather’s great tradition, serving as the Watch’s Knight-Commander, much to her father’s chagrin. She is a capable and formidable leader; her father would much prefer her to prioritize governance of House Aurelianus. Regardless, Esme has shown no inclination that she will turn away from her duties with the Watch.

Her skill in combat earned her so many tourney and melee victories that she earned the moniker the “Sword of Avanthyr.”

Knight-Commander Bartholomew Seaworth

Successor to Esmond and Esme’s immediate predecessor, Bartholomew Seaworth belongs to an old Avanthyrian family. For many years, he served ably as Grandmaster until a scandal rocked his family and he was forced to step down. To the surprise of many, Esme recently elevated him to a position on the Watch’s Council of Three.

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