Vaer Mor'Gurtha

Name: Vaer Mor’Gurtha
Class: Fighter
Primary Residence: "Nexus"
Birthplace: Undisclosed
Age: Around 120 years old
Race: Wood-Elf
Gender: Male
Deity: Bane
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: Vaer is lean and wiry in build. His movements suggest he is exceptional strong for an elf and yet graceful even in full plate. He stands 5½ feet tall. Although at a distance he is immediately recognizable as a member of the fair race, upon approach scars are clearly visible along the seams of the mask covering his eyes and forehead. His mask hides the hideous burns he suffered at the hands of an Orc raiding party many years ago. Even though his physical scars can be hidden, his emotional scars run deeper and are not as easily concealed. This is manifested in his demeanor. He is an introvert and reclusive, which is the nature of wood elves, but in him these attributes are more pronounced.

Background: Elves grow to physical maturity at around 25 years of age. It takes nearly a hundred years longer to reach full emotional development. Vaer and his younger twin brother Taur were the sole survivors of a vicious Orc raid on his home. Vaer's face was badly burned in the melee. His appearance repulses most, but nearly every elf will turn away at his sight.

Vaer and Taur were found near death by a human trader, Jacob Draconias, who raised them as a member of his family in Sembia. Draconias is a well respected name amongst the merchant class. He raised Vaer, Taur, and his own grandson Markus, to despise banditry. They were also raised to distance themselves from the self righteous. Jacob Draconias would always say these people were usually shallow in character. Their need to exercise authority over others in the name of good usually results in the taking of another's life. The Draconias family held to a strong code of conduct. Vaer is no different.

Vaer shuns physical and emotional contact from anyone he has not know for many years. His physical appearance has driven him to wear a mask in civilized areas and a full hood everywhere else. He is an elf of few words but does not easily offend. He does not tolerate the presence of any Orc, and although he is capable of violence of action, he is known to generally restrain himself and leave.

Recent History: Vaer arrived in Sundren looking for his twin brother Taur. He has been seen but rarely heard. He is disturbed by the presence of Orc and Half-Orcs in Sundren. To add insult to injury, he has even seen Orc and Half Orc Paladins. This reminds him of his step father's caution to distance himself from the self righteous. He thinks humans are foolish for letting murderous Orcs into their faith.

Significant Relationships: None

Factions: None.

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