“The gods may be blind but your vile deeds are plain to see.” — Lady Tehk of the Lance accusing Magistrate Harrod of necromancy.



Lady Tehk of the Lance, sworn paladin of the Red Knight sought favor with her fellows for a united purpose: to seek out the reason behind the Blinding of the Gods and to undo its effects. A sworn faithful of the Red Knight, Lady Tehk rode off into the wilds of Sundren with a small cadre of knights, calling themselves the Vanitium. These knights are a small group even within the Triumvirate and are seen mostly as foolish wanderers who chase the wind. Ridiculed by some, they are a priceless aid in the wilds. While they are seen rarely within civilized lands, the Vanitium protects explorers and travelers when they come across them in the wilds. Many travelers owe their lives to these questing knights; the Vanitium have a fearsome reputation as trackers and warriors.

The Vanitium, or “Truth Seekers,” are a collection of goodly clerics and knights from a variety of faiths who seek out the meaning behind the Blinding of the Gods, and work Their will through the valley. Unlike the old Arbiter’s Alliance, these young divine warriors do not necessarily adhere to the traditional means of knighthood and battle. Instead, the Vanitium welcomes all those who not only seek to work their gods’ will but question their faith and the faith of the more traditional and conservative orders. They are based within Sundren City but are known to roam the wilds to not only protect travelers but to seek out the meaning behind the gods’ blindness within the valley of Sundren.

A controversial figure, Lady Tehk’s efforts to uncover the mystery of the Blinding of the Gods have earned her respect and derision in equal measure. While the majority of the organization is loyal to her, elements of the Vanitium believe the group should rededicate its focus to aiding the needy and serving as road wardens and peacekeepers across the valley. This “Brotherhood in Blindfolds” routinely petition Lady Tehk to abandon her quest but their appeals have thus far fallen on deaf ears.

Typical Member Traits:

  • Righteous, virtuous, and compassionate. How mercifully they treat evildoers varies widely depending on their personal views.
  • Most members have some class levels as Fighters, Paladins, Clerics, and Rangers.
  • LG, NG, CG



When those of faith first became aware of the Blinding of the Gods and its inevitable consequences, Lady Tehk was among the few who were neither surprised nor despairing. It is said she was the first to join the summit called by the Triumvirate and the last to leave. Dissatisfied with her compatriots’ willingness to accept their new circumstances, Lady Tehk resolved to do what no others would: seek the truth. Someone or something had stolen from the righteous their ability to detect malice and corruption; Lady Tehk could not allow that to stand unanswered.

Together with the few like-minded champions she was able to rally to her cause, she rode out into Sundren’s wilderness. They were guided first by instinct, and then by divine providence. When at last zeal and passion could take them no further, Lady Tehk received a momentous vision from an unknown source. She has never managed to put to words the true extent of what was seen from this prophecy, but her heralds have managed to scribe a few lines that they say now guide the order:

A shadow behind the light.
A veil draped over sight.
A curse of aimless might.
A gift of restful night.

Seek your questions among the stars.
Find the answers in places far.
Know the truth in shades and hues.
Hope eternal springs anew.

Although most outside the Vanitium find these claims dubious – indeed, even the Triumvirate at large view Lady Tehk with various degrees of skepticism – Lady Tehk continues to argue that these words have guided her to several pieces of the puzzle. Whether she is close to assembling the entirety of that mystery remains unknown, perhaps even to her.

Base(s) of Operations


Sundren City, Gate District



The search for the truth behind the Blinding of the Gods is paramount among the Vanitium’s goals. Through the decades, this effort has been mostly frustrating and fruitless but some say the Vanitium has made strides in recent days. Many in Sundren City have witnessed several closely-guarded relics being transported to the Vanitium’s headquarters for safekeeping. Whether this is true and just how far they have come if so is a secret known only to Lady Tehk and her most trusted confidants.

Beyond their holy quest, the Vanitium have become unofficial road wardens and pathfinders in the wilds for travelers and merchants across the valley. Their routine patrols have eliminated entire gangs of bandits and highwaymen, and many a lost noble owes their safe homecoming to the Vanitium’s efforts.

Maintaining the Vanitium’s relations with the Triumvirate and Sundren City has become an increasingly difficult task. Tensions between the Vanitium and the Triumvirate have worsened in recent days as some within the order suspect that the Brotherhood in Blindfolds is a front for Triumvirate influence. The Triumvirate repudiates this suggestion.



Lady Tehk leads the Vanitium as both Knight-Paragon and the Herald of Truth. Her fellow Truth Seekers are divided into hierarchies based on their dedication to the search for the truth.

  • Knight of the Lance
  • Knight Seeker
  • Sperare, “to Hope”
  • Scire, “to “Know”
  • Invenire, “to Find”
  • Aspirant, “To Seek”
  • Brother/Sister

Timeline/Historical Events of Note

  • 1394 – The Blinding of the Gods steals the ability for clerics and paladins to detect good and evil in the valley of Sundren. The Triumvirate hosts a summit in the Temple of Lathander to counsel. Lady Tehk emerges with newfound resolve to find the truth behind the Blinding.
  • 1395 – Lady Tehk forms the Vanitium with likeminded paladins, intent on solving the great mystery.
  • 1397 – As the Vanitium’s efforts lead them all across the Sundered Valley, their good deeds earn them a sterling reputation and warm welcomes from most travelers.
  • 1401 – Lady Tehk’s efforts lead her to uncovering a necromancer by the name of Harrod. She successfully brings him to justice, much to the relief and gratitude of a small settlement outside Avanthyr.
  • 1414 – Lady Tehk’s zealous pursuit of her quest leads her to withdraw from the rest of the world around her. The Vanitium’s standing in Sundren City sinks further. A sub-faction within the Vanitium organize under the moniker “The Brothers in Blindfolds” to advocate for reevaluation of the organization’s goals.
  • 1419 – Just as she is almost convinced to abandon her pursuit of the truth behind the Blinding of the Gods, Lady Tehk receives a mysterious vision. She redoubles her efforts and recruits more righteous knights to her cause.
  • 1420 – 1430 – Rumors suggest the Vanitium are making progress on their search as several closely-guarded relics are returned to Vanitium headquarters in Sundren City for safekeeping.
  • 1431 – The Brothers in Blindfolds lead a peaceful – but ultimately unsuccessful – bid to remove Lady Tehk from her position as Knight-Paragon.

Leadership/People of Note


Lady Tekh of the Lance

Born to a minor aasimar son of the House Val’Tess, Lady Tehk faced a life that was planned out for her from beginning to end. However, that changed when her father, a Helmite Roadwarden, was killed on patrol by a band of ruthless brigands. Swearing an oath of vengeance to Hoar, Lady Tehk rode out and sought to join the brigands.

She dreamed one night, after learning of their hideouts and numbers, as well as how to survive in the wilds. Her dream revealed a perfect plan to draw them out and take her vengeance. When she awoke, she crept away and notified the Wardens who staged an ambush, slaughtering the brigands and taking their leader captive. He hung on the Sundren gallows to her great satisfaction, and Lady Tehk’s oath was fulfilled.

Following that episode, she swore herself to the Red Knight, who she believes gave her the divine inspiration that allowed for her oath to be fulfilled. Since then, she has ridden under the Red Knight’s banner, a paladin of both war and cunning.

Corrin Hart, the Redeemer

A half-elf cleric of Ilmater and a trusted advisor of Lady Tekh. He serves as a tempering influence on the Knight-Paragon and is a renowned healer. While his efforts to convert the apostate Harrod from necromancy ultimately failed, his unbending determination in seeing that a genuine effort be made to return Harrow to the light earned him the honorific “Corrin the Redeemer.”

Brother Stalwart

Leader of the Brotherhood in Blindfolds, Brother Stalwart has lost faith in Lady Tekh’s divine investigation and he now openly advocates for the Vanitium to abandon the endeavor, feeling that the organization might do greater good directed to more tangible efforts. As a small splinter group within the Vanitium, the Knight-Paragon previously dismissed the Brotherhood as a threat. That may be changing as Brother Stalwart grows bolder in his attempts to unseat her from leadership of the Vanitium.

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