Varnz, Fury

Name: Varnz Fury
Title(s): Keeper of the Forest
Home/Location: Forest, Citys
Birthplace: Spine of the World
Age: Young of Age.
Race: Elf, Moon
Gender: Male
Deity: Mielikki
Alignment: Unknown (Leans toward good)

A wonderer, who has travel to many places in his young life. He came to Sundren by boat from Neverwinter ports with nothing more then a few rations and his trusty swords. Upon landing, he meets few people that do not pay much attection to the elf but one that would lead him to the goblin infested hills. There he would meet a man who study in the same arts as he himself but with a sheild and sword. Soon they would form a bond as friends and travel much together.
Time passes as he starts to become sesson in the skill of Sword and Magic, but life is cut short as many would say as a raid had happen in the forest upon a small village. In Death, he would meet what he thinks is truely Mielikki in unicorn form. For his deed's in his life before, he is given a secount chance at life. Before it happens, he request one thing which is simply to become a keep of the forest. He would find himself no longer weilding the swords he one had, nor would the spells he one sent out would be the same.


Significant Relationships:
Peridan Twilight – First person he has meet that was kind as well that has sticked by his side for a long time. They fight together and sometime try out do each other. Friend's through and through.

Miscellaneous Information:
Once was skill in the art of Twin swords and Spells, Now skilled in the way of Nature upon his secount life. He has no family to recall on.

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