The Veritas Syndicate has existed since 1230. When the organization was founded following Mundus' death, it was intended to be exactly what it is today, a group of rebels fighting for control of Sundren. The current leader, Mihkail Veritas has not changed this stance. The stalwart rebellion has fought zealously for more than a hundred years, but since their lair was revealed five years ago, their plans for domination have been stunted.

The Fourth Legion is responsible for the upkeep of the lands around the Veritas hold, but they are supported at times by the Red Blades and other allies. The Veritas are constantly under attack by groups of adventurers who wish to seek fame and fortune at the behest of the Legion, and typically try to slaughter as many of the Veritas forces as possible. This kind of behavior has not been tolerated recently, and adventurers who stray too far from their fellows have been captured and branded on the side of their faces, marked for their intrusion on Veritas land.

<b>Typical Member Traits</b>:<br>
<li> Revolutionary; dislikes current Sundren government<br></li>
<li> Tend to operate secretly; rarely preaches his distaste of the government publicly<br></li>
<li> Used to surviving however possible; can operate in dire circumstances<br></li>

The Veritas were among the first families within Sundren. They brought with them the majority of the nation's first military forces. Their small, but expert army of mercenaries were most of what stood between Sundren City and the native tribes. The loyal warriors held a place of reverence within the growing society, but their current leader, Vivin Veritas, was self serving and greedy. With Mundus' death in the foreseeable future, he plotted to claim the land as his own, following the Sunderer's passing. However, the founder's scrying alerted him to Vivin's impending betrayal. He fashioned a book which outlined his plan for the state following his passing. When the Veritas attempted to take control of the capital, Vivin boldly claimed it was the dying man's wish that he be given control. The newly appointed arbiters saw through the man's avarice and cited the document left to them as proof of his treachery. Rather than suffer banishment and disgrace with no retort, he accused the new stewards of deceiving the people, then fled with his company behind him.

The loss of Vivin's forces left Sundren vulnerable. Without guardians, the arbiters feared the city would fall prey to the neighboring clans of orcs and gnolls. In their hour of need, new guardians rose to the call of the people, the Red Blades. While recently formed, the guild had already grown in power, with their followers numbering in the hundreds. With protectors, the city could continue to flourish.

The Veritas, scorned by their banishment swore vengeance in secrecy. Vivin plotted to take the city by force. Without him defending it, the general assumed the capital would fall easily. Word of the Red Blades had not reached him and for that, he suffered.

Vivin's armies fell upon Sundren during the night. They were greeted by the wall's new garrison, the red blades. The two forces clashed, but inevitably, the superior skill and tactics of the defense prevailed. The Veritas were routed and Vivin himself was slain. However, while the invaders had lost the battle, they refused to submit. Vivir, the son of the fallen general took the reins of his father's organization. To this day, inheritors continue to fight in the name of truth, unaware of the treachery of their own leader.

<h3>Base(s) of Operations</h3>
(1) Schild Mountains, NE Sundren.
(2) Other?

The Veritas seek the upturning of the Sundren government, pure and simple. They view it as a corrupt organization that causes the people harm, and know for a fact that they could do better if offered the chance. The Veritas believe in their cause fully and passionately, and have faith that their turn will come (whether the Arbiter's like it or not). The Veritas have to operate in secrecy for fear of some adventurer or other officer of the law will divine their motives and goals. They fight to free Sundren from the oppression and tyranny that plague it so badly.

<li> Recruit<br></li>
<li> Private<br></li>
<li> Corporal<br></li>
<li> Sergeant<br></li>
<li> Lieutenant<br></li>
<li> Captain<br></li>
<li> Major<br></li>
<li> Colonel<br></li>
<li> General<br></li>
<li> Marshal<br></li>
<li> Commander<br></li>

<h3>Initiation Process</h3>
No one really knows how to become a Veritas agent (for obvious reasons) or what they require. However, it should be noted that they tend to look for recruits in <a href="">Sundren City</a>.

<h3>Timeline/Historical Events of Note</h3>

The Year of Advents 1230 – Sundren is made a city-state. The Red Blades are founded. Dissenters found the Veritas Syndicate with Vivin Veritas as its leader.

The Year of Pain (Dalereckoning) 1245 – Vivin's son, Vivir, is pushed back into the mountain fortress by his bastard brother Sevin and the Fourth Legion.

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