Wardens of the Vale

The Wardens is a coalition of many ideals held by druids and those who walk with nature. Though many end goals coincide, their call to lands beyond have brought allies who often differ on opinions of how Nature should be guarded. It quickly became apparent that a council of elders would have to be forged in order to guarantee all were acting in harmony with nature itself as well as each other.

The council consists of four elders and one Patriarch (Matriarch if female). Each elder chooses it's successor and the Patriarch is chosen by the council itself. The role of this council is not rulership, but guidance and direction for all who would serve nature. Therefore the council is generally made up of the wisest among the population of protectors.

The members of the council each represent the views and opinions of those who share their respective ideals. This was to preserve the right of all voices of nature, whether order, destruction, life, or death, to be heard within the gatherings.

When the earthen wall to the valley was first Sundered by the wizards, it did not take long for the druids to realize the nature of this valley was soon to be despoiled by the touch of civilization. It was here that the first druids entered the valley, in order to help deflect the coming blows the land would suffer at the hands of "society".

Though they numbered few, the weight on their shoulders was great as many flocked to the sundered valley with thoughts of material gain and desires quenched. As typical with druids, they discovered a place of power deep within the forest that would come to be called Viridale by the city people. They forged their haven from the world and a peace with Silvanus, lord of the wilds and balance of nature.

As time flowed, all that they feared had become a reality as they began to encounter undead within Virdale and whispers of the name Colibrus. Their woes did not end here, as Mossdale became overrun with twisted abominations that were the Bloodmaim, with the Black Hand close in tow. Sundren itself also expanded over much of the landscape, far beyond what the Druids themselves felt was reasonable for their civilization.

The circle saw that it must seek aid from their brethren outside the valley and call them forth to aid in the defense of the natural world they've come to serve. This is how the first alliance of Wardens were forged.

Today their mission has not changed, and that is to restore the valley to it's once state it held before the great Sundering.

<h2>Base(s) of Operations</h2>
Whole of Sundren, but primarily Sundren City.

<li> Servants of the Circle <a href="http://new.george-smart.co.uk/servants_of_the_circle">LINK</a><br></li>
<li> Wrath of Nature <a href="http://new.george-smart.co.uk/wrath_of_nature">LINK</a><br></li>
<li> Nature's Vanguard <a href="http://new.george-smart.co.uk/nature_s_vanguard">LINK</a><br></li>

Preserve the valley and restore the land to its original glory before the Sundering.

Patriarch with a council of four elders:
<li> Ra'Aman (formerly known as The Keeper) — current patriarch</li>
<li> Damarian — elder, leader of Wrath of Nature</li>
<li> Iauron — elder, leader of Nature's Vanguard</li>
<li> Eidior — elder, head priest of Geimhreadh</li>
<li> Chessa — elder, archdruid of Chauntea</li>

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