Cleric Domains:


Clerics can select two domains upon taking their first level in the class. These domains *must* be taken from the allowed domains in the list below. Each domain grants one spell for each spell level, as well as an ability or feat unique to each choice.
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Deities/Allowed Domains:

AbbathorLENECEGreedEvil, Trickery, Luck, Travel
Aerdrie FaenyaNGCGCNAir, weather, avians, rain, fertility, avarielsAir, Animal, Good, Chaos
AkadiLNTNCNNEElemental air, movement, speed, flying creaturesAir, Trickery, Travel, Water
AngharradhNGCGCNSpring, fertility, planting, birth, defense, wisdomGood, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Chaos
AnhurNGCGCNWar, conflict, physical prowess, thunder, rainGood, War, Strength, Chaos, Fury, Air
ArvoreenLGNGLNDefense, war, vigilance, halfling warriors, dutyGood, Protection, War, Law, Luck
AurilLENECECold, winterAir, Evil, Water, Cold, Fury
AzuthLGLNLEWizards, mages, spellcasters in general, monks of the Shining Hand orderMagic, Knowledge, Trickery, Law
Baervan WildwandererLGNGCGTravel, nature, forest gnomesAnimal, Good, Plant, Travel
BahgtruCNNECELoyalty, stupidity, brute strengthChaos, Strength, Evil, Fury
BaneLNLENEStrife, hatred, tyranny, fearDestruction, Evil, Law, Fury, Blood
Baravar CloakshadowLGNGCGIllusions, deception, traps, wardsGood, Protection, Trickery, Knowledge
Berronar TruesilverLGNGLNSafety, honesty, home, healing, the dwarven family, records, marriage, faithfulness, loyalty, oathsGood, Healing, Protection, Law
BeshabaCNNECERandom mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidentsChaos, Evil, Luck, Trickery, Fury
BrandobarisNGLNTNCNNEStealth, thievery, adventuring, halfling roguesTravel, Trickery, Luck, Dream, Luck
Callarduran SmoothhandsNGLNTNCNNEStone, the Underdark, mining, the svirfneblinEarth, Knowledge, Fire, Darkness
ChaunteaLGNGCGTNAgriculture, plants, cultivated by humans, farmers, gardeners, summerAnimal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, Sun
Clangeddin SilverbeardLGNGLNBattle, war, valor, bravery, honor in battleGood, Law, Strength, War, Fury
ColibrusLENELNBlood, VampiresLaw, Evil, Blood, Undeath, Time
Corellon LarethianNGCGCNMagic, music, arts, crafts, war, the elven race (especially sun elves), poetry, bards, warriorsGood, Magic, Protection, War, Chaos
CyricCNNECEMurder, lies, intrigue, deception, illusionDestruction, Evil, Trickery, Chaos
CyrrollaleeLGNGLNFriendship, trust, the hearth, hospitality, craftsGood, Law, Protection, Dream, Luck
Deep DuerraLNLENEPsionics, conquest, expansionEvil, War, Law, Protection
DeneirLGNGCGGlyphs, images, literature, scribes, cartographyGood, Knowledge, Protection, Magic
Dugmaren BrightmantleNGCGCNScholarship, invention, discoveryGood, Knowledge, Chaos, Magic
DumathoinNGLNTNCNNEBuried wealth, ores, gems, mining, exploration, shield dwarves, guardian of the deadEarth, Knowledge, Protection, Fire
EilistraeeNGCGCNSong, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, moonlightChaos, Good, Dream, Travel
EldathLGNGCGQuest places, springs, pools, peace, waterfallsGood, Plant, Protection, Water, Sun
Erevan IlesereCGCNCEMischief, change, roguesTrickery, Chaos, Luck, Dream
Fenmarel MestarineCGCNCEFeral elves, outcasts, scapegoats, isolationAnimal, Plant, Trickery, Travel, Chaos
Finder WyvernspurCGCNCECycle of life, transformation of art, saurialsChaos, Animal, Knowledge, Dream
Flandal SteelskinLGNGCGMining, physical fitness, smithing, metalworkingGood, Knowledge, Fire, Earth
Gaerdal IronhandLGNGLNVigilance, combat, martial defenseGood, Protection, War, Law
GaragosCGCNCEWar, skill-at-arms, destruction, plunderDestruction, Strength, War, Chaos, Fury
GargauthLNLENEBetrayal, cruelty, political corruption, powerbrokersEvil, Trickery, Law, Suffering
Garl GlittergoldLGNGLNProtection, humor, trickery, gem cutting, gnomesGood, Protection, Trickery, Law, Fire
GebNGLNTNCNNEEarth, miners, mines, mineral resourcesEarth, Protection, Time, Knowledge
GhaunadaurCNNECEOoze, slimes, jellies, outcasts, ropers, rebelsEvil, Chaos, Darkness, Destruction/td>
GondLGNGCGLNTNCNLENECEArtifice, craft, construction, smithworkEarth, Fire, Knowledge, Time
Gorm GulthynLGNGLNGuardian of all dwarves, defense, watchfulnessGood, Protection, War, Law
GrumbarNGLNTNCNNEElemental earth, solidarity, changelessness, oathsEarth, Time, Knowledge, Protection
GruumshCNNECEOrcs, conquest, survival, strength, territoryEvil, Strength, War, Chaos, Fury
Gwaeron WindstromLGNGCGTracking, rangers of the NorthAnimal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel
Haela BrightaxeNGCGCNLuck in battle, joy of battle, dwarven fightersGood, War, Luck, Chaos
Hanali CelanilNGCGCNLove, romance, beauty, enchantments, magic item artistry, fine art, artistsGood, Magic, Protection, Chaos
HathorLGNGCGMotherhood, folk music, dance, the moon, fateGood, Dream, Knowledge, Time
HelmLGLNLEGuardians, protectors, protectionProtection, Strength, Law, Suffering, Time
HoarLGLNLERevenge, retribution, poetic justiceLaw, Travel, Death, Fury
Horus-ReLGNGLNThe sun, vengeance, rulership, kings, lifeGood, Sun, Law, Fury, Blood
IlmaterLGNGLNEndurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseveranceHealing, Good, Strength, Law, Suffering
IlnevalLENECEWar, combat, overwhelming numbers, strategyDestruction, Evil, War, Knowledge, Time
IsisLGNGCGWeather, rivers, agriculture, love, marriage, good magicAir, Water, Magic, Good, Knowledger
IstishiaNGLNTNCNNEElemental water, purificationDestruction, Water, Travel, Air
JergalLGLNLEFatalism, proper burial, guardian of tombsLaw, Knowledge, Suffering, Death
KelemvorLGLNLENoneLaw, Protection, Travel, Death
KiransaleeCNNECEUndead, vengeanceChaos, Evil, Undeath, Darkness
KossuthLGNGLNTNCNLENEElemental fire, purification through fireDestruction, Fire, Suffering, Fury
Labelas EnorethNGCGCNTime, longevity, the moment of choice, historyTime, Chaos, Good, Knowledge
LaduguerLNLENEMagic weapon creation, artisans, magic, gray dwarvesEvil, Magic, Protection, Law
LathanderLGNGCGAthletics, birth, creativity, dawn, renewal, self-perfection, spring, vitality, youthGood, Protection, Strength, Sun, Healing
LeiraCGTNCNCEDeception, illusion, mist, shadowDarkness, Trickery, Magic, Chaos
LliiraNGCGCNJoy, happiness, dance, festivals, freedom, libertyGood, Travel, Chaos, Protection
LolthCNNECEAssassins, chaos, darkness, drow, evil, spidersDestruction, Evil, Trickery, Chaos, Darkness
LoviatarLNLENEPain, hurt, agony, torment, suffering, tortureEvil, Strength, Law, Suffering
LurueNGCGCNTalking beasts, intelligent non-humanoid creaturesAnimal, Healing, Good, Chaos
LuthicLENECECaves, orc females, home, wisdom, fertility, healing, servitEarth, Evil, Healing, Protection
MalarCNNECEBloodlust, evil lycanthropes, hunters, marauding beasts and monsters, stalkingAnimal, Evil, Strength, Chaos, Dream
Marthammor DuinLGNGCGGuides, explorers, expatriates, travelers, lightningGood, Protection, Travel, Air
MaskLENECEShadows, thievery, thievesEvil, Trickery, Darkness, Luck, Dream
MielikkiLGNGCGAutumn, dryads, forest creatures, forest, rangersGood, Animal, Plant, Travel
MililLGNGCGPoetry, song, eloquenceGood, Knowledge, Dream, Travel
MoradinLGNGLNDwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stoneworkEarth, Good, Protection, Law
MyrkulLENECECorruption, The Dead, Decay, Exhaustion, Old ageDeath, Evil, Suffering, Undeath
MystraLGNGCGLNMagic, spells, the WeaveGood, Knowledge, Magic, Protection
NephthysNGCGCNWealth, protector of children, trade and the deadGood, Protection, Chaos, Death
OghmaLGNGCGLNTNCNLENECEBards, inspiration, invention, knowledgeKnowledge, Travel, Trickery, Luck
OsirisLGNGLNVegetation, the dead, death, justice, harvestLaw, Good, Plant, Healing
Red KnightLGLNLEStrategy, planning, tacticsWar, Law, Protection, Time, Blood
Rillfane RallathilNGCGCNWoodlands, nature, wild elves, wood elves, druidsGood, Plant, Protection, Chaos
SavrasLGLNLEDivination, fate, truthKnowledge, Magic, Law, Time
SebekLNCNNERiver hazards, crocodiles, werecrocodiles, wetlandsAnimal, Evil, Water, Air
Segojan EarthcallerLGNGCGEarth, nature, the deadEarth, Good, Death, Animal
Sehanine MoonbowNGCGCNMysticism, dreams, death, journeys, transcendence, the moon, the stars, the heavens, moon elvesGood, Knowledge, Travel, Dream
SeluneNGCGCNGood and neutral lycanthropes, moon, navigation, questers, stars, wanderersGood, Protection, Travel, Chaos, Dream
SetLNLENEThe desert, destruction, drought, night, rot,snakes, hate, betrayal, evil magic, ambition, poison, murderAir, Evil, Magic, Darkness, Law
SeveltarmCNNECEBloodlust, battle prowess, drow warriorsEvil, War, Chaos, Darkness
SharLENECECaverns, dark, dungeons, forgetfulness, loss, night, secrets, the UnderdarkEvil, Knowledge, Darkness, Trickery
SharessNGCGCNHedonism, sensual fulfillment, festhalls, catsGood, Travel, Trickery, Chaos
ShargaasCNNECENight, thieves, stealth, darkness, the UnderdarkDarkness, Chaos, Evil, Trickery
SharindlarNGCGCNHealing, mercy, romantic, love, fertility, dancing, courtship, the moonGood, Healing, Chaos, Dream
ShaundakulCGCNCETravel, exploration, portals, miners, caravansAir, Protection, Travel, Chaos
Sheela PeryroylNGLNTNCNNENature, agriculture, weather, song, dance, beauty, romantic loveAir, Plant, Dream, Water, Luck
ShevarashCGCNCEHatred of the drow, vengeance, crusades, lossWar, Strength, Fury, Chaos
ShialliaLGNGCGWoodland glades, woodland fertility, growth, the High Forest, Neverwinter WoodAnimal, Good, Plant, Sun
SiamorpheLGLNLENobles, rightful rule of nobility, human royaltyLaw, Knowledge, Blood, Time
SilvanusNGLNTNCNNEWild nature, druidsAnimal, Protection, Plant, Water, Healing
Solonor ThelandiraNGCGCNArchery, hunting, wilderness survivalGood, Plant, War, Chaos
SsethCNNECEPoison, somnolenceKnowledge, Chaos, Air, Evil, Magic, Animal, Trickery
SuneNGCGCNBeauty, love, passionProtection, Good, Chaos, Luck
TalonaCNNECEPestilence, sickness, poisonDestruction, Evil, Chaos, Suffering
TalosCNNECEStorms, destruction, rebellion, conflagration, earthquakes, vorticesDestruction, Evil, Fire, Chaos, Air, Fury
TempusCGCNCEWar, battle, warriorsProtection, Strength, War, Chaos, Fury
Thard HarrNGCGCNWild dwarves, jungle survival huntingAnimal, Good, Plant, Chaos, Fury
ThothNGLNTNCNNENeutral magic, scribes, knowledge, invention, secretsKnowledge, Magic, Luck, Travel
TormLGNGLNDuty, loyalty, obedience, paladinsGood, Healing, Protection, Strength, Law
TymoraNGCGCNGood fortune, skill, victory, adventuresGood, Protection, Travel, Luck, Chaos
TyrLGNGLNJusticeGood, Knowledge, War, Law
UbtaoNGLNTNCNNECreation, jungles, Chult, the Chultans, dinosaursPlant, Protection, Animal, Time
UlutiuLGLNLEGlaciers, polar environments, Arctic dwellersAnimal, Protection, Strength, Law, Cold
UmberleeCNNECEOceans, currents, waves, sea windsDestruction, Evil, Water, Chaos, Air
UrdlenCNNECEGreed, bloodlust, evil, hatred, uncontrolled impulse, spriggansEarth, Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Blood
UrogalanLGLNLEEarth, death, protection of the deadDeath, Earth, Protection, Law, Luck
ValkurNGCGCNSailors, ships, favorable winds, naval combatAir, Good, Protection, Chaos, Fury
VelsharoonLNCNNENecromancy, necromancers, evil liches, undeathDeath, Evil, Magic, Undeath
VergadainNGLNTNCNNEWealth, luck, chance, non-evil thieves, suspicion, trickery, negotiation, sly clevernessLuck, Trickery, Travel, Dream
VhaeraunCNNECEThievery, drow males, evil activity on the surfaceEvil, Travel, Trickery, Chaos, Darkness
WaukeenNGLNTNCNNETrade, money, wealthKnowledge, Protection, Travel, Dream
YondallaLGNGLNProtection, bounty, halflings, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation, family, traditionGood, Protection, Law, Luck
YurtrusCNNECEDeath, diseaseDeath, Destruction, Evil, Suffering, Fury
BaphometCNNECEMinotaurs, VengeanceAnimal, Chaos, Evil, Strength, Fury
DagonCNNECEAquatic Monsters, Knowledge/td>Chaos, Evil, Water, Darkness, Knowledge
DemogorgonCNNECEDemonkindChaos, Evil, Destruction, Suffering
Fraz-Urb’luuCNNECETrickery, deceptionChaos, Evil, Trickery, War
Grazā€™ztCNNECETyrants, despot, guile, debaucheryChaos, Evil, Strength, Dream/td>
JuiblexCNNECEOozes, slimes, outcastsChaos, Evil, Destruction, Suffering
KostchtchieCNNECEGiantsChaos, Evil, Fury, War, Cold
MalcanthetCNNECESuccubiChaos, Evil, Trickery, Dream
Obox-obCNNECEEkolidsChaos, Evil, Animal, Destruction
OrcusCNNECEUndeathChaos, Evil, Undeath, Death
Pale NightCNNECEMadness/td>Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Knowledge, Suffering
PazuzuCNNECEFlyingChaos, Evil, Air, Dream
YeenoghuCNNECEDeath, diseaseChaos, Evil, War, Fury
ZuggtmoyCNNECEFungiChaos, Evil, Plant, Undeath
BelLNLENEWarLaw, Evil, Strength, Destruction, War
DispaterLNLENEParanoia, OverworkingLaw, Evil, War, Destruction, Protection, Knowledge
MammonLNLENEWealth, GreedLaw, Evil, Luck, Trickery, Fire
BelialLNLENEDeath, diseaseLaw, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery/td>
LevistusLNLENETreacheryLaw, Evil, Trickery, Water, War
GlasyaLNLENEManipulation, SeductionLaw, Evil, Trickery, Fire
BaalzebulLNLENELiesLaw, Evil, Trickery, Strength, War, Fire
MephistophelesLNLENEHellfireLaw, Evil, Fire, Cold
AsmodeusLNLENESin, IndulgenceLaw, Evil, Destruction, Fire, Trickery
FiernaLNLENESeductionLaw, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery, Fire
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