Earth Genasi

<h2>Earth Genasi</h2>

Earth genasi are slow to act, ponderous in thought and set in their ways. They appear mostly human, with one or two traits reflecting their quasi-elemental nature, such as earthlike skin, rough facial features or eyes like black pits.

<b>Ability Adjustments:</b>
<li> Strength, +2</li>
<li> Constitution, +2</li>
<li> Wisdom, -2</li>
<li> Charisma, -2</li>

<b>Racial Features:</b>
<li> Medium Size</li>
<li> Favoured Class, Fighter</li>
<li> Darkvision</li>
<li> Acid Resistance, 5/-</li>
<li> Once per day, an earth genasi can call upon his elemental nature to make his skin as hard as stone, gaining damage reduction 5/adamantine. The effect lasts for 5 rounds or until it has absorbed 20 points of damage, whichever comes first. </li>

<b>Level Adjustment:</b> +1

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