Gray Orcs

<h2>Half Orcs</h2>
Gray orcs are nomads. They dwell in remote, desolate corners of northeast Faerûn and eke out a meager existence, traveling along traditional migratory routes between established campsites and favorite caves as the seasons change… The gray orcs are zealots, and the word of their tribal clerics is law. Clerics from other tribes are usually viewed as heretics, despite the fact that both tribes likely worship the same deity in the same manner.
Although gray orcs are comfortable with the savage life of the barbarian, they tend to be more calm and collected than northern orcs, focusing their rage and hatred inward. This allows them to excel as clerics of the warlike orc deities.


<b>Ability Adjustments:</b>
<li> Strength, +2</li>
<li> Wisdom + 2</li>
<li> Intelligence, -2</li>
<li> Charisma, -2</li>

<b>Racial Features:</b>
<li> Medium Size</li>
<li> Favoured Class, Barbarian</li>
<li> Darkvision</li>
<li> Light Blindness: The character suffers -1 circumstance penalty to attack rolls, saves, and skill checks when outside in daylight </li>
<li> Scent: Allows you to track creatures, including those that are hiding or invisible. </li>
<li> Long Gait: A gray orc can move faster than the average humanoid. </li>
<li> Track: Gray orcs get the Track feat. </li>
<li> Weapon Proficiency (Gray Orc): Gray orcs are proficient with the greataxe and longbow. </li>


<b>Level Adjustment:</b> +1 ECL

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